Evolution of Logo Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

David Eaves
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Posted on November 24th 2013

Evolution of Logo Design [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here is another great infographic from my good friends at Glow New Media based in Liverpool called The Evolution of Logo Design: How famous brand identities have developed. The infographic shows how some of the World's most iconic logos began and have developed over the years into the recognisable brands we know today.

The infographic displays logo evolution for the following brands: Internet Explorer, IBM, Nokia, Ford, Apple, Pepsi, Microsoft, Cannon, BBC, Kodak, Atari, Volkswagen and British Airways.

Please let me know which is your favourite logo featured in the infographic by leaving a comment or by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. Here you go:

The Evolution of Logo Design


 Created by the team at Glow

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New Vista Properties Miami New Vista Properties USA
Posted on November 29th 2013 at 1:31AM

This is a nice post about logos. Here the logo of Ford is looking better comparatively to others. Thanks for sharing this type of post.

Kelly Calhoun
Posted on December 2nd 2013 at 9:48AM

This is a great infographic.  I really like seeing what parts of the brands' logos were continued and what other parts were replaced.  The evolution shows the trends of the times and the transcedence from a complex logo to a simple one.