Excellent Content Plus Genuine Engagement Equals Social Business Success

Monica Romeri
Monica Jade Romeri Founder and CEO, Darwin Digital Content

Posted on May 2nd 2013

Excellent Content Plus Genuine Engagement Equals Social Business Success

Content marketing is no longer optional.  Any company with a website can benefit from content marketing.  With the current importance of social business practices, high-quality content is rewarded with a content-social-business-successsocial media spotlight, amplified exposure and increased lead generation and conversion.  All content types are important—including tweets, blog posts, webinars, SlideShare presentations, infographics and premium content, such as whitepapers and ebooks.  Social engagement is paramount.  Whether it is a LinkedIn update, a reply to a Facebook comment or a long-form blog post, attention to detail and quality is essential.  Social media success happens when top-notch content creation and true engagement converge.  In fact, real marketing success of any kind calls for excellent content. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be broken down into three major categories: original social content creation, social content curation and social engagement.   

1. Original Social Content Creation

What is social content?  It is content that is created, curated or part of a social media dialogue.  We have all heard the phrase: “Content is king.”  However, not all content is created equal.  You need to publish content with real-time relevance and rich in information, which strikes the right chord with your social audience and target market.  MarketingProfs CEO Ann Handley explains: “Content isn’t just another channel. It’s a mindset. It’s not new, but instead, technology and social tools and platforms have created new opportunities, which continue to evolve, and afford us new ways to respond to customers and communicate with them.”

Numerous content types can be utilized to promote your company on social media.  Not all your social content must to be created from scratch.  If you have a vast inventory of company content, including blog posts, video and premium content going back years, you may be able to update and repurpose relevant content to share on all your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. 

  • Perform an audit of all your original content.
  • Analyze your social media data and content curation history to determine which content types and topics performed best on each social network, and then tailor your social content strategy accordingly.  
  • Use your findings to create a social content style guide; use it as a framework for all future content created for social media.     

 2. Social Content Curation

Social content curation done right entails the discovery, curation and sharing of relevant, industry-leading content across at least the big four social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  If you are committed to going social, a company presence on these major social networks is a minimum requirement.  However, just having social media profiles is not enough.  Smart social content curation is valuable to others and can help you attract a more significant social following and magnify lead generation.  

There are plenty of great resources for the discovery content to share on social media, such as Klout, Topsy and Tweepi.  Syndication websites like Social Media Today and Business 2 Community are highly useful digital destinations for finding fresh writing talent and the content best suited for your social content curation.   

3. Social Engagement

Genuine social engagement is essential.  When someone shares your content, always reply with a personalized message to thank him or her.  When questions are asked, answer them with deep industry insight and authority—showcasing your thought leadership.  Following these practices will promote greater engagement, augment your industry influence and help you get recognized as an industry thought leader.

Without high-quality content creation, you will not be able to build social capital, and your company will suffer as a result.  Highly shareable content, smart social content curation and genuine engagement could dramatically amplify your reach and dramatically boost lead generation and conversion.  


Monica Romeri

Monica Jade Romeri

Founder and CEO, Darwin Digital Content

Monica is Founder and CEO of Darwin Digital Content, a performance-based content marketing agency.  DDC delivers highly evolved and strategic content creation and marketing services to help clients—big and small—attract their target audiences and drive revenue.

Monica has a proven track record of publishing captivating, persuasive and elegant content. Her background in sociology and interest in group dynamics facilitate her development of unique and provocative and yet highly relevant content topics and strategy. Her content has trended on LinkedIn and been featured on SocialMediopolis, Jeremy Goldman’s daily Social 6 and Yahoo! Small Business Advisor. Monica consistently incites seriously high rates of website traffic, social content curation and lead generation and conversion. For all her latest content, follow her on Twitter: @MJRomeriDDC.

The Darwin Digital Content team can breathe life into any topic—attracting a significant captive audience, enhancing SEO and amplifying online influence to help clients reach and surpass their content marketing objectives. DDC creates blog and premium content and also offers strategic content consulting, editing services and social media marketing.





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Posted on May 2nd 2013 at 11:02PM

All good advices Monica Jade Romeri,

In fact social media demands so much time, the key factor becomes whether we should invest that much time or not. But because this is almost essential nowadays for business and brands, many prefer hiring people to manage their social profiles.

Liked and shared the article.

If the readers benefit from this, may I also share this social media analysis app (Social Sharing) that shows social popularity for any website?

Heaven Jelo
Posted on May 3rd 2013 at 9:13AM

Great post!!! In really had a great time reading it!!! It was really informative, thanks for sharing!!