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Exclusive Interview: Global Humanitarian and Media Mogul Ted Turner Sits Down with Bryan Kramer [VIDEO]



In this exclusive interview on location in Atlanta, President Bryan Kramer sits down with philanthropist, visionary, founder of CNN and the United Nations Foundation and Chairman of The Turner Foundation, the legendary Ted Turner. Bryan had the fortunate honor to speak with Turner, on behalf of The Tech Awards, to hear his thoughts about being named the eleventh recipient of the 2014 James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award. Turner will accept the award in Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center on Thursday, November 13, 2014, during The Tech Awards gala, presented by Applied Materials. You can purchase tickets to attend in San Jose here: click here to purchase seats

In this intimate conversation, Turner recalls some his most meaningful, personal and professional achievements, and how his passion and persistent efforts are pointed at fighting poverty, disease, inequality and a lack of education around the world. He also reveals the person who taught him the importance of  “giving back”, and how this experience transformed him into becoming the devoted philanthropist he is today. Turner lastly gives his predictions on global innovation, and how the future of humanity can continue to make our world a better place.

Join us to hear Ted Turner share with Bryan the secrets of his success in philanthropy and life.


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  • Robin Carey's picture
    Jun 26 Posted 11 months ago Robin Carey

    I love this man.  To think that he mentioned his contribution to the UN Foundation (basically keeping it alive) above creating CNN is really interesting.

    And he was a Rotarian in Macon, GA!  Who knew?

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