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Experimenting with N3TWORK

We all love sharing content that resonates with us. But it's getting harder and harder to find videos that really speak to us. Sure, you can search popular video sites like Vimeo and YouTube, but it can take a while to filter through all the videos available to find the good stuff. Frankly, 80% out there is dreck, but boy, are we making a LOT of it! Some quick stats on YouTube usage:

Youtube claims more than a billion users visit per month

Users watch over 6 billion hours of video every month

Mobile use on YouTube is up almost 40% of the global watch time

100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

The number of people subscribing daily has tripled since just last year

Wow, tons of content, and that's only on YouTube - but finding the best is like a needle in a haystack sorta thing. 

As someone who loves video and sharing with friends, family and clients, I'm very excited about this new app called N3TWORK, available from the App Store. (Sorry, Android users.) N3TWORK is billed as "The first personal TV network." Videos are categorized by hashtags and you have the ability to create your own channel and then curate content to populate that channel by either searching for and linking to your favorites or letting N3TWORK feed you videos it thinks you'll like based on your interests. You can watch now, swipe right to save for later or swipe left to remove the video from your queue. The more you use the app the more N3TWORK learns about you and can show you videos it thinks you're going to like. You can then easily save them to your own channel or share them with friends.  Other users can subscribe to your channel, follow hashtags and re-share videos through the app or the major social networks.

Got an Apple computer or  TV? This is where it gets really cool. Use N3TWORK to stream video from your own channel to your computer or TV and kick back and watch it in all its glory, using the app as your remote control. Sweet. Here's a video with Brian Solis and CEO Neil Young on N3TWORK's inspiration.

Brian Solis interviews Neil Young, N3TWORK CEO from N3TWORK on Vimeo.

I've been using the app for less than a week, and I'm hooked.
The videos are great quality and I've started following a few people, as well as hashtags. I think there are a few improvements to make it a little more social, like allowing users to post a link to their channel to make it easier for others to find (right now a link to your channel goes to the app download page), adding some more sharing options, especially Google+ and email. For now, I'm happy to copy the link and open a different app to share it.

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