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Expert Voices: What Makes a Good Tweet?

ImageHave you been wondering what makes a good Tweet? Why do some people seem to be able to gather a solid following while others just don't get any traction? Read this blog to get some answers from me and other social media practitioners.

Of course, good content is one key ingredient, as is common sense. But, there are, indeed a few well-tested strategies that you can use to increase your reach, engagement and success on Twitter.

Top 3 Tips for a Good Tweet

  1. Listen before you tweet
  2. Add your own insights vs. just (re-)tweeting
  3. Be a personality not a company

Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Following

  1. Follower influencers & other interesting people
  2. Tweet during relevant events using the event hashtag
  3. Include influencers or other relevanthandles in your tweets (even ask for RTs directly)

>>it is not a science. The rule of thumb: use common sense!

How do you Define a Good Tweet? Qualitative

  1. ŸIt’s audience appropriate (what & when)
  2. ŸGood content = not a product pitch
  3. ŸLeaves room for Retweeting
  4. ŸInfluences (your audience)
  5. ŸIs a well-defined piece in your overall social media strategy
  6. ŸIs Retweeted by your influencers (not just your colleagues & friends)
  1. ŸTweet is Retweeted and/or commented on
  2. ŸCreates a high amount of impressions (reach); premise: influencers have many followers
  3. ŸClick-throughs to promoted content, e.g. via’s
  4. ŸGrowth in number of followers
  5. ŸIncreases your Klout score
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Tricks from Respected Social Media Practitioners

1. @D_Sieber: Dorothea Sieber, Social Media Manager for HANA, SAP
1. Make it catchy and engage the audience by asking questions.
2. Simple language, easy to read.
3. Use hashtags in context, don’t just add them at the end.
4. Don’t use marketing but conversational language.
5. Think first what is relevant for you audience before (re) tweeting.
6. Add your own comment to a RT (modify the original tweet), as it adds more value than simple re-tweeting.
2. @PalmNorch: Palm Norchoovech, Social Media Manager for SCN, SAP
1. Retweetable without modifying the tweets. So there should be at least 10 chars for the RT@twitterhandle.
2. Using the industry/known hashtags. Don’t create your own variation of hashtag. Do some research on the existing hashtag that people use and include that in your tweet to increase visibility.
3. Add twitter handles of people when u refer to them. Don’t simply state the name. Research if they have a twitter handle.
4. Good tweets might fail to pick up traction if tweeted at the wrong time. Scheduled them at the right time when your followers are most active on Twitter.
3. @mheiligman: Margot Heiligman, Solution Management Director, SAP
1. “Not too many hashtags – 1 or two.
2. Timing – 5-6 per day, not rapid fire of 3 or 4 tweets one after another (space them out – unless it’s an #SAPChat).
3. Don’t use twitter as a PR channel. Think about how what you tweet is of value.
4. or other shortener – Link at the end.
5. Message first, Link second, hash third.
6. Test punctuation, because on some tweet dashboards a “&” will show up looking like a “?” etc.
4. @carolinekohout: Caroline Kohout, Social Media Marketing Strategist, SAP
1. Find the powerful balance between art and science. Work in a pithy grabber. Mashable and Guy Kawasaki both have great examples of pithy grabber tweets.
2. For example, from this morning on @mashable: Delta Wants You to Shop Amazon While Flying - .
3. They don’t necessarily leverage hashtags to their full potential, but the content piques your interest and gets you to click-through for more.
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  • MarketingXLerator's picture
    Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago MarketingXLerator

    Thanks for the comment and good idea on the blog! Let's talk next week.


  • JC Giraldo's picture
    Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago JC Giraldo

    Always Natasha with very good Post...

    You know I think sometimes that many people "believe" that they're experts and of course they are, but in my own opion , always we ( beginers ) have to check everything, and a reminder is always good, sometimes it may sound "tired", but memory is fragile.

    Common sense is central to everything! 300 % agree

    I Feel/Felt very happy when You, or for example Brian Solis Retweeted me, one of my Tweets.! So Happy! Or You know, only with a " Thanks "  " You have a mention" as say on our cellphones,well on mine say :)

    As You said : - is Retweeted by Your Influencers, for me that has much more value than anything.

    I did few minutes ago in another post a comment , it would be good to do a post about if it works (I think yes) the Pareto Principle in Social Media, 80% -20%

    What if we write about it ,Would be great ! I will help You !

    Just Share It on my FB page and Twitter !



    Juan Carlos


  • MarketingXLerator's picture
    Jan 7 Posted 4 years ago MarketingXLerator

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your encouraging comment.

    There are more tips on my blog

    You might also find useful to schedule Tweets.



  • Jan 7 Posted 4 years ago

    Great tips. I'm relatively new to Twitter and was kind of just posting whatever was on my mind at first. These are good to think about before I tweet. 

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