On Facebook, Activity and Content Matters…

Posted on December 5th 2011

On Facebook, Activity and Content Matters…

One of my Facebook pages... Click image to enlarge...

See if this sounds familiar…

“Well, Todd, I’ve done all I need to do with social media. We launched a Facebook page!”

Whoop. Dee. Doo.

Are you doing anything with it? Are you posting content there? Are you engaging with people there? Are you learning more about the people who invest time on YOUR page? Are you converting these people to extend their relationship with you?

Here is what most people say when I ask these questions about their company Facebook page:



Look at the pic at the top of this post. Look at what happens around November 27th…

ImageThis page is one of my many (too many) projects. As you can obviously tell from the graph, the page was dormant for a while. The project has been on the back burner for a while, but I am making a big end-of-year push to move it along.

The project is actually the publishing of an e-book, called Kicking Fear’s Ass. It helps people combat fear.

The Facebook page is merely one means to help promote the book’s idea, and build a community around the movement and the concept.

On the page, I share videos, quotes, articles, and images — all meant to help you think about, and combat fear.

Why does this matter to you…the owner of a hapless, meaningless Facebook business page?

Because look what happens when I engage… When I go from posting NOTHING, to posting every day. To sharing. To engaging with people who engage themselves.

Page traffic and sharing picks up. Big time. I mean, really, you can’t argue with that graph. And it wasn’t rocket science. It was merely the act of posting content.

[and if the concept of posting content spooks you, you should probably take this FREE content marketing course...]

So, this is merely a plea to ask you to engage on your Facebook page. Don’t let it sit there dormant. Don’t just post YOUR blog posts there. You aren’t getting it. That isn’t enough.

You need to share the work of others, share interesting videos, share interesting photographs, ask people to sign-up for other things to extend the relationship. For instance, I have set up a means for people to sign-up to receive a FREE copy of the Fear e-book when it comes out.

Starting a Facebook page for your business isn’t enough. If all you will do is push your own stuff, you probably shouldn’t bother.

Instead, engage with real people on your page. You’ve seen, from the above image, what can happen…



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