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Facebook Apps Need to Be Mobile, and Here's Why

It’s 2013, and there are a vast number of people making money as fortune tellers. Let that sink in. Fortune telling is still a profession. There’s absolutely no real evidence to support that what fortune tellers are doing is legit in any manner, yet we’re still asked to provide stat after stat to convince people to make mobile versions of Facebook applications.

“But why do we need a mobile version of a Facebook app?”

“You see all those people walking around the street with their noses stuck into a screen of a phone, walking into oncoming traffic and telephone poles? That’s why.”

“Hmm, yes yes. But that's not quite enough data, is it? Can you give us something a little more concrete than what we just see around?”

People love statistics and numbers, even if they don’t mean or translate to anything for them. They’re fun to throw around and useful to convince yourself and your team that what you’re doing is justified by research and data, and therefore makes you a little more comfortable doing something you’d probably have done anyway. So I'm going to throw a few numbers and stats at you to convince you that Facebook apps do indeed have to be mobile.

In certain cases, such as Coke's #ShareMyCokeLah campaign - where Circus Social built a Facebook app for Coke that generated an Instagram feed of images tagged with the hashtag #ShareMyCokeLah - a mobile version is a no brainer. But for the other Facebook apps and campaigns: here's something to sway you.

1. Mobile phones account for 17% of web usage worldwide and 26.6% for Asia

Of the 17% of web usage worldwide via mobile phones, a little over 80% is spent on social media. Most of the rest probably goes to Candy Crush Saga. People often head home and don’t open their laptops again and simply catch up on e-mail and messages through their mobile phones given Samsung and LG now have phones with screens as big as Justin Bieber’s ego. So if you have to get a hold of them and let them use your Facebook apps, it has to be mobile!

Statista's Infographic on Mobile Usage on the Web

Statista's Infographic on Mobile Usage on the Web

2. On average people check their phone 150 times a day – once every 6.5 minutes

Now we’re not saying that like clockwork the entire world reaches into their pocket and pulls out their phones once every 270 seconds of course. But you get the hint. It’s second nature to just pull out your smartphone when you’re idle for a second, and in the event that they decide that they’re going to utilize that free time to get in touch with your brand, check out your products on Facebook or even make a purchase, you don’t want to deny them.

3. 819 million People Use Facebook on their Mobile Phone Each Month

That’s out of Facebook’s total user base of 1.15 billion, equating to 71.2% of people on Facebook. I really don’t think we need to expand on what this stat means for you.

4. Mobile e-commerce now accounts for 23% of online sales

In the most simplistic view possible, brands selling their products online see a quarter of their sales coming through the mobile platform. Are you really willing to sacrifice close to 25% of your total sales just because you don’t want to develop a mobile app for an app you’re already developing?

Well that ought to do it! Oh wait, sources. We’ve gathered the above statistics from MashablePC MagTechCrunch and eConsultancy. All reliable, all dependable. A mobile version of a Facebook app is a necessity people, don’t leave a portion of your fans high and dry.

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