Facebook is Easy if You Master These 2 Tips

Michael Glazer
Michael Glazer Founder/CEO, BackAtYou.com

Posted on May 2nd 2012

Facebook is Easy if You Master These 2 Tips

Is your business wasting time on Facebook marketing to the wrong people?Facebook is quite simple. Work hard to build your audience and then engage them. Since most businesses are not doing this, we thought it best to reiterate the 2 things small businesses need to focus on when marketing online to build a Facebook presence.

1. Build your Facebook page with relevant and targeted people. It’s better to have 200 people that fit your targeted demographic than 1,000 people who don’t. Work hard to get the right people. Your page is not about the number of people, it’s about the quality of people. Quality over quantity. This is usually the biggest mistake businesses make on Facebook.

2. Once you have the right people, you must engage them. There is a reason why virtually every major brand promotes their Facebook page and not their web site they have spent millions of dollars building. The reason, major brands know that engagement is what sells. People are 50% more likely to buy a product from a brand that they Like on Facebook. Talk to your users, post interesting content and images, and show them you care. Engagement sells.

It’s easy to say to a business to find the right people and then engage them. But that’s the key. Marketing to someone that is not interested in your company is a waste of time. You'd best not market online if you market to the wrong people. Find the people that you think fit your demographic, find where they are online and then go after them.

Facebook is not difficult, it just takes time and consistency, and if you focus on these 2 tips, your efforts will be rewarded.



Michael Glazer

Michael Glazer

Founder/CEO, BackAtYou.com

Michael Glazer works in the trenches focusing on identifying and utilizing best practices in social media. He is a seasoned social media entrepreneur who builds platforms that help all size businesses use social media, primarily Facebook, more effectively. Currently, Michael is the Founder and CEO of BackAtYou.com, a company dedicated to helping small to medium size businesses build a Facebook Page the right way and with the right people. Current clients include a number of large brands and hundreds of small businesses. Prior to Back At You, Michael was the co-founder and President of SodaHead.com, one of the largest Q&A sites on the Internet. At SodaHead, Michael raised $12.7 million and grew the site from zero to over 7 million monthly unique visitors. He left SodaHead to start Back At You where he could use his knowledge and skills to best help companies use Facebook to drive business.
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Nice pointers!  I do agree that it is very beneficial to build a strong presence on social platforms such as Facebook.  However, I wouldn't recommend anyone putting the priority of FB above their own website. FB is a free platform and is no doubt great for engagement and "warming up" leads -- but the sole use of FB as a business should be used a funnel to ultimately redirect the traffic to YOUR site.  Remember, no matter how big or popular FB is, it is just another free platform that we do not own or control.

You bring up a good point.  Depending on your business Facebook may or may not be the final destination.  A good website is always great for information and more details about your product and service.  With that said, Facebook provides the community to engage people who like your brand.  At the end of the day, engagement is what sells.  That is why virtually every Fortune 500 company drives traffic these days to their Facebook page and not their websites that they spent millions of dollars to build.  They know engagement sells. 

I found your tips interesting, but I'd prefer to see some actual 'real-world' examples which would help to reinforce your advice.  Anyone can write articles offering generic advice and that's the problem with too many articles that I read  on this  subject: they aren't backed up with examples.


Thanks for the tips! Perhaps a silly question but here goes: When I set up a "page" for my business (in my case a charity) on facebook, it seems like it has to be linked or flow from my personal fb account. Is that the way to go? Or should I create a separate fb profile from which I then link my business page? How would you do it?