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Facebook EdgeRank [INFOGRAPHICS]

For a presentation, I gathered some Facebook EdgeRank infographics and thought I should post them here as well. Looking at this first infographic, I find their tiering of the fanbase interesting.
How difficult is it to segment and target fans who have actually purchased from you? If you have Facebook Connect on your e-commerce site, that shouldn’t be much of a problem on the actual site, but is there a way to target them on Facebook. Maybe FanGager has such a function? Here goes.


PostRocket is a nifty little service, kind of like Buffer but for Facebook with better image handling.

But the big question these days is how much third-party Facebook publishing apps are affected negatively by EdgeRank versus good old-fashioned manual postings?

Anyway, interesting with this infographic are that 96% of fans never visit the brand site twice.

We knew that the action took place on user’s walls and this seems to hold very true still.


If I were Batman, I would definitely spend more time keeping an eye on Bane.


In this infographic by, it’s interesting to discuss why Facebook treats video content with so little love.

After all, video content seems to be booming everywhere else.

Or is it simply because we don’t go to Facebook for video or that the interface just isn’t the right place for it?

Or do we just don’t like to share video on Facebook as much?

Interesting also that they say “links only if necessary”… well, 9 times out of 10, I’m more interested in driving traffic to a site that I can derive value from, rather than building engagement for Facebook, the company.

I’d rather have fewer people liking, commenting and sharing an URL that I actually control, than having them interact with “Facebook-only” content.



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  • May 28 Posted 4 years ago Sean Dominguez

    Great article and thanks for aggregating all of the infographics into one page. I think the fundamental problem with Edgerank is that it doesn't explicitly ask users what they want to see, which is in the end more accurate than any algorithm ever can be. For example, I have a part time job at a bakery. All my FB friends and coworkers are connected to this bakery on Facebook, so you would think I would get updates. Yet, they released a new cupcake (caramel apple) one day and I didn't find out about it until my weekend shifts started and it was too late - they were gone.

    This is part of the reason why my team started a company called Breadcrumbs ( It's a mobile app that lets you see what's happening at all your favorite places in one dashboard. Remember your favorite business and our algorithm finds their page on Facebook and gives you a newsfeed of what's happening there. 

  • buildandbalance's picture
    May 3 Posted 4 years ago buildandbalance

    Really diggin' this post! Multiple Infographics all giving interesting info. NIce work in pulling this together. And kudos to PostRocket for a few of the hits. This post is definitely worth sharing. Thank you.

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