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Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

Introducing Embeddable Posts
Yesterday, Facebook announced that users will soon be able to embed Facebook posts into their websites and blogs.

Embedded posts contain all the information and interactivity that they have on Facebook: pictures, videos, and hashtags; share, like and comment buttons and totals; as well as the name and category of the page it was originally posted on.

Hashtags, call to action buttons and the original page name can all be clicked on and interacted with. Longer posts which have to be edited down to fit within the embedded posts template will have a ‘See More’ option at the bottom which, when clicked, takes viewers to the whole post on Facebook. Only public posts can be embedded online.

Twitter users have been able to embed tweets for a while, while Instagram and Vine recently enabled the embedding of videos and images. As with the embeddable content on Twitter, Vine and Instagram, embedded Facebook posts will improve the quality of content on news articles and blog posts, and drive traffic to Facebook.

Facebook are trying out the feature with a number of journalism sites before releasing it worldwide, including CNN,Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, PEOPLE and Mashable.

Are you excited by the new Facebook embedded posts feature?

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  • modigagan's picture
    Aug 5 Posted 1 year ago modigagan

    SEO has become much broad terms beyond search engine rankings

    If the content is well appreciated and add value to users, its also part of SEO.Allowing embedding interesting facebook posts to the website, will provide users accessing sites about what is the view of social media also on the same topic

    A thing much appreciated. Point is by when will it be allowed to for all webmasters to embed it in there site.

  • Aug 2 Posted 1 year ago territorioclasi...

    It is interesting that they implement this new characteristic. What it is not completely clear for me by now, is the benefit for the users, at least from a SEO point of view.