Facebook – a New Destination for Social Commerce Site Development

Posted on January 23rd 2013

Facebook – a New Destination for Social Commerce Site Development

When you hear the word Facebook, what are the instant things that come to your mind? Well, it has to be ‘how many Likes’, ‘how many friend requests’, ’ the comments on your photos and ‘what are the new updates in the home page’. Indeed this social media site is taking the entire world by storm. But besides being the popular platform for social gathering, it is amazing to know how Facebook handles its relationship with the online commercial marketers. Especially the eCommerce businesses are clambering to jump on this enormous opportunity for social commerce. So for all the online retailers, it is not too late to get in on action if you are still planning to promote your eCommerce site.

If you are looking for a place to promote your band, Facebook is the right spot for you. With over 500 million active users, it is becoming the ideal platform to monitor how successful you are at engaging your followers and promoting your products and services. Have you ever noticed how a big brand makes their presence felt among the followers on Facebook? If not, then hurry up. Well there are different creative ways to market your product to the ever-increasing audiences.

The integration of Facebook with your eCommerce site:

The foremost important thing which you haven’t done is to create a Facebook Fan Page for your eCommerce site. Wait! Do not mistake this page as the profile page. Facebook Fan Pages do not limit the amount of fans who are interested to join your page unlike the profile page. Don’t you think it is perfect for your business to get noticed on this social media site? Well, of course it is perfect.It takes just a few seconds to click a tab in order to sign up on the home page and follow the user’s review products.

Fan pages can be used in several ways for your Facebook marketing campaign. This page comprises all the information about your brand and your products. It is important to know the demographics of the mainstream users and speak to them in their own languages. Most importantly, make your page interactive by promoting contests or by offering coupons.

Facebook and eCommerce integration is power-driven by the fans and letting them interact with your page immensely help you to build your brand

The Facebook and the eCommerce integration incorporate different aspects of your website on the Facebook to highlight your brand in different tabs on the fan page. The fan page contains various contents. So are you wondering how will make use of the different tabs? It's simple… all you need to do is

Make a wall tab – this area of the page will allow your fan to leave their comments and share their thoughts about your products. You can also change the settings in order to control what your fans can post

Make an info tab- this part of the page displays the important information about your products. It is similar to the ‘about page’ of your website.

Make a photo tab- in this area of the page you can upload unlimited amount of photos for your fans.

Make a tab for videos- this page will allow you to upload videos of your products.

Make a note tab- you can share the latest news on your business in this particular area of the page.

Make an event and review tab- this section of the page is important to promote any upcoming products or events or even to highlight special promotions. Following such events, your fans can accordingly rate your product and services.

Now the challenge is to drive the traffic that you acquire to your Facebook Fan page and convert those people into a group of interested fans. How will you achieve this? It is merely through advertisement. Advertisement can be done in the form of banner ads that are displayed on the profile page. It can also be added to the user feed pages based on the demographics that you want to target. Keeping in mind, that Facebook is the first and the foremost place where the majority of the population stay in touch and socialise online, therefore your aim should be primarily to build trust and provide something valuable to your new followers. If you manage to grab the attention of the Facebook users then the sale of your products happens automatically on its own.

Facebook is more about relationship building and less about direct sell.

The four most popular eCommerce apps for Facebook represent different approaches to trade on Facebook. Take a look at it.

  • Pavyment is a downloadable app that permits you to transact within your prevailing Facebook presence.
  • Storefront social is a catalogue application that helps in systematizing your products, yet links back to your prevailing online store.
  • BigCommerce is a cohesive eCommerce platform that comprises extensions to involve Facebook commerce.
  • 8th Bridge is a custom-made development environment for Facebook commerce.

Are you aware of the recent Facebook development? It is the launch of “Open Graph” that allow a retailer to interact with the Facebook audiences in a much better way. “Open Graphs” is a powerful transmission tool to interact and receive information into Facebook from a third party website. The extension of the “Open Graph” has created a school of app development where in it allows the users to share their opinions and new updates instead of allowing a company to post information that may appear as updates.


Let me put it like this, say a Facebook operator admires and appreciates a long gown from a fashion website.  Instead of simply “Liking it” she can express her opinion as she “Wants”, she “Loves” or simply she “Owns it”. With the help of a third party app, this information gets easily transmitted into her friend’s News Feed.

As stated by the Payvment CEO, Christian Taylor “Facebook has a huge opportunity to monetize eCommerce. They have the infrastructure and team to pursue that”


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