Facebook Is No Longer Just Social Media

Posted on March 15th 2012

Facebook Is No Longer Just Social Media

Facebook, in my opinion, has evolved away from the social media circle.  Facebook has become a personal representation of a user's self.  Their thoughts, their stories, their faults, and their successes. Their lovers, their children, their dreams, and their failures. Their taste in food, movies, and books. Their travels before, currently, and what is planned for the future.


Facebook was always an attempt to be a representation of ones self, but with the concept of sharing news or other information with your friends, that gave Facebook the social media title.  Now social media is everywhere, in everything.  And all social media integrates with your Facebook Profile (Timeline).  

Pretty soon, if you allow it, almost every application that you use on a regular basis will integrate directly with your Facebook Timeline. Some people are afraid of automatic sharing, but with the privacy settings Facebook keeps making easier to manage - it isn't really a valid complaint.
i.e.  You are using 'Nike Run' to track your progress but don't want the app to automatically upload to all your friends, so you can set it to Family only.  Or just to yourself only. That way you can still reference later as Nike collects a log of your runs right on your Facebook Timeline.

I like to think of Facebook as a live, interactive 'White Pages' of your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.  Whereas the business Facebook Pages are turning into live, interactive Yellow Pages.  A recent ex-employee of Google quoted in his blog, ‘I couldn’t even get my own teenage daughter to look at Google+ twice, “social isn’t a product,” she told me after I gave her a demo, “social is people and the people are on Facebook.”  

Facebook is not just social media, your profile and interactions are a personal representation of yourself ...on the Internet.  So use it wisely.

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Posted on March 15th 2012 at 3:54PM

Facebook is not Social Media??  I'm sorry if I don't follow...maybe we need to understand your definition social media. There seems to be so many out there, so I would understand it if you have one of your own.  But it should be noted that basic consesus says that social media is the various, mostly web based tools available for the masses to transparently communicate with one another through creating, sharing and discussing thier own thoughts, news, photos, videos and interests. In other words, Facebook is the epitome of social media.  In fact it is what social media is all about.  Sharing a thought and having everyone contribute.  This website is a form of social media as blogs are as much social media as Facebook and Google+.  I don't mean to rip you on this, but after reading it, I was shocked that anyone would ever say that Facebook is NOT social media. Thats blasphemy! ;-)

Jason Blount
Posted on March 15th 2012 at 11:19PM

Obviously Facebook is social media by true defitinion.  I'm saying Facebook is more than just social media. :)

Posted on March 15th 2012 at 10:47PM

Got it! Maybe it was the opening line of "Facebook moving away from the social media circle" that threw me off. I agree with you that it has become an online life journal for all of us to share with our friends, family and aquaintances.  I forsee us, when we get old, looking through FB to re-visit our life time. I believe it will be quite profound; Both In negative ways and in positive ways.  I just had a hard time with that notion of it moving "away from social media".  Social Media is still what it is...kind of like ice cream is still ice cream even if its chocolate or vanilla. Your blog and reply is appreciated. Thanks!

Jason Blount
Posted on March 17th 2012 at 6:36PM

Thank you for the feedback!

And of course I agree with your ice cream analogy that social media is social media - however I don't think Facebook is just another flavor, it is in an entire different category.  At least right now and if trends continue.

Posted on March 16th 2012 at 5:33AM


I tend to agree that my personal facebook has slowly morphed into my public written diary and connections with everybody and every place I go and interact.  I believe Timeline for businesses will catapult businesses much the same way and become their center piece for information.  Is Facebook beyond social media?  More than social media? No longer just social media?

Well... no, not really.  I would probably say that facebook is now the "core of social media." ... for now.  :)

Jason Blount
Posted on March 17th 2012 at 12:14AM

Hey Chief of Fun City,

So you are saying, Facebook is no longer just social media - it is the core :)  

I like that.


Posted on March 18th 2012 at 3:08PM

You nailed it at its "core" Fun City Chief!