Facebook Page Insights Broken Since May 13th

Jenni Maley Digital Marketing Manager, Metalab

Posted on May 25th 2013

Facebook Page Insights Broken Since May 13th


I do weekly reporting for a Facebook page that I 'm a Page Admin for so I got a bit huffy when I couldn't complete this week's report because my Page Insights were several days behind.

Is it me, did I break my Facebook Page?

I immediately took to the web in an attempt to find out about the possible Facebook glitch. But low and behold, there was not a post on it to be found. Which I thought was odd considering the thousands of sites that post any and all online hiccups, important or not. I did find this thread in the Facebook Help Centre that let me know that I wasn't completely alone on this but still no real answers were forthcoming. So I went into panic mode and emailed my trusty (?) Facebook Account Rep. My Rep replied within a few hours, which is stunningly prompt, with this:

'Page insights is currently having issues gathering info past May 13. It's affecting all pages at this time. We will update everyone when everything has been restored.'

No real answer on what has happened or when my blessed Page Insights will return to me, but at least now I know it's not just a small group of us who have angered the Facebook Gods and are drowning in wrath.

Third Party Applications

If Facebook Page Insights aren't updating within Facebook, then they're not feeding through to third party applications like Sprout Social, which is what I use for my reporting. I had actually noticed this issue in Sprout Social first and sent them a tweet about it. A quick peek back at their Twitter feed today shows that a few people were getting the same reply from them. As soon as Facebook Page Insights come back to life, so will the third party reporting.

In the meantime, I'm drafting a list of things to do with all the spare time I have now that I'm not obsessing over that dip in page impressions. Silver linings!

Have you experienced an Insights outage?


Jenni Maley

Digital Marketing Manager, Metalab

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Julie Nathan
Posted on May 27th 2013 at 1:18PM

I also do weekly reporting for a client using FB insights. Have had the same frustrations recently (and also in the past) when reach insights in particular were not reporting. At the moment I can see insights through the 19th - so a good week old. It is very frustrating. I wish FB would say a bit more about it.

Posted on June 1st 2013 at 8:42AM

Glad to see that it's not just me having this issue... really frustrating!

Cathy Perkins
Posted on June 1st 2013 at 1:22PM

They've been 8 or 9 days behind for what seems like forever!  I, too, have reports to do for clients.  Get it together, FB