Facebook Promoted Posts: A Small Business' Best "Friend"

Mike Poynton Owner/CEO, Paradise Social

Posted on September 20th 2012

Facebook Promoted Posts: A Small Business' Best "Friend"

Facebook Promoted PostsI've been utilizing Facebook's Promoted Posts functionality on a few of my clients' Timelines and I have to say, it has yielded some very positive results - and at an extremely reasonable cost.

The promotions run for 72 hours on any post less than three days old. So you can promote older posts as well as new posts. The cost of the promotion drops if you only promote to "People who like your page", and averages $3 - $10 per promotion. But why limit yourself!

Facebook Promoted Posts

Promoted posts allow you to reach more of the people who like your Page AND their friends - and that second part is key, because it allows you to grow your brand loyalty and following on Facebook while promoting an offer or discount to both prospective and current followers. By clicking the "People who like your page and their friends" radio button you can keep current customers warm while reaching out to prospective ones. Because, in the end you want them both to be coming through your door!

Facebook InsightsI've had good results with Facebook ads. But even while targeted, in my opinion, they spray more bullets while hitting less marks. You get a lot of "likes" but little conversion. With promoted posts, you can target friends of friends. And referrals convert into sales more effectively. I've gone almost exclusively with promoted posts to avoid spraying bullets and having to pay for nothing. It's not about the number of people who like your page. It's about reach and how many people are talking about you. 400 likes with a 90k reach and 1500 people engaged is better than 1500 likes and 20 people talking about you. Promoted posts work much more effectively toward that end.

Promoted posts have more than doubled and tripled Facebook reach and engagement on the small business Timelines I have been using them on, and have resulted in a 20-30% increase in inquiries regarding the offers being promoted. And at an average cost of a little over $10 per week!

So what are you waiting for! For $40 a month in beer money, you could be making many times more than that! Check out Facebook Promoted Posts. You have very little to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Pura vida!


Mike Poynton

Owner/CEO, Paradise Social

Architect, dad, gardener, PR & social media guy who likes snakes, fruit trees, kids, dogs, photography, motorcycles, beaches, food & beer. Based in Costa Rica.
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Hi Mik Poynton it's a good news to here, now it's easy to promote our business with in short span of time  with less fund, thanks for sharing this information.

Hi, Mahendra:

Yes, in my experience, I think promoted posts are better at targeting your current and potential customers, and at less cost in the short run.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing such a nice information. Really this is idea very fabolus by this promoting business we can highlite our profile in business strategy by doing this we can reach someone whome we cannot reach. Thanks for posting.........

Hi, Muralikrishna! You're very welcome. Happy you found the information useful!

Hi Mike, so what is the ROI for it?

I'd be interested to see a stats/ROI on this - what's the average percent of increase in views?  How does that affect conversions (likes? clickthroughs?)


And maybe a more in-depth, "where do these posts show up" for those who are new to Facebook promotions... :)

Hi, Rory!

I haven't done a case study yet but in looking at Facebook Insights, average increase in views promoted to "friends of friends".goes from 400 to 6000 on a $10, 3-day promo on a page with about 1600 followers (I service small businesses - dive shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques here in Costa Rica). Average reach and engagement has increased by +200% in a 1 month campaign (8 promoted posts with same offer - ~$80). Facebook "Likes" about the same or more.

Inquiries have increased at the front desks of my hotel clients.

Where do they show up? In your Facebook news feed as "Sponsored". See http://goo.gl/f5Wwo.

Hope that helps! Thanks for commenting!




Also, website traffic has increased overall by %14 with Facebook referrals to said "case study" website (a boutique 10 room hotel) increasing by 31%.

A little more about the actual post: There's a link to the hotel website in the promoted post text, as well as a photo depicting the promotion to catch the eye in your news stream. Insights for the promoted post tell you what was clicked on: photo views, link clicks, page likes, page post likes and post shares.

The bottom line is that inquiries have trippled during the slowest time of our tourist season - Sept./Oct. Not sure how actual sales are going. But my clients and I are very happy!


This is really cool, Mike!  It sounds like you're really seeing some turnover with your promoted post!

I think you have to two two fundamental things, and they're pretty much Facebook basics, but I think they're frequently overlooked:

1. Make the promo image an eyecatcher with a price tag that's easy to read in the Facebook news stream, and looks pretty on the Facebook page ;-).(Remember to pin it to the top too).

2. Put a link in the promo post text to the website - call to action "Learn more about this offer here!".

If you do that, your promoted posts will pay off!

Thanks again, Rory. I'm glad you pressed me on this one. Have a great Friday and weekend!




See my reply to the below comment! Thanks!


promotions are always a good idea. this is good info - thanks.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for sharing such a nice information. Really this is idea very fabolus by this promoting business we can highlite our profile in business strategy by doing this we can reach someone whome we cannot reach.


OK. If you say so ;-)

Hi Mike! Great post! I do have a question about promoted posts. I have started experimenting with them and the first one (that's running right now) has about 15 likes, all but 3 from random people from Jamaica, Indonesia and other completely random barley heard of countries...have you ever experienced this? what gives? Are foreigners paid to do this? The post has absolutely nothing to do with foreigners, its for mini-sessions for photography clients in the Boston area....i just find it SO bizarre! thanks for the help! 

Not sure what's going on there, cait123...

I targeted "friends of friends" and have had no problems. I have had a running promoted post for about two months now and reach and engagement just keep climbing (it's a special offer that expires 31 October). So I really can help you. Can you send me some screen shots via email?