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Facebook Rolls Out Reply Links For Threaded Comments On Pages

facebook reply links Facebook is starting to roll out a new feature that will allow page managers to let anyone to reply directly to comments on their pages. Facebook prompted us to turn on this new reply feature! Previously, whenever you replied to a comment on a Facebook post, your comment would get inserted at the bottom of the comments in a chronological order. This could make it really difficult to reply directly to other people's specific comments or follow any orderly conversation with multiple people chiming away. Now Reply links have made it much easier to have a conversation on your Facebook page. Each comment has it's own thread where people can comment on the given post, or directly to comments within nested threads. The most active conversations are then shown at the top (sort of like Reddit).  

Turn on Replies

To activate Facebook reply links on your page, check to see if you recieve a prompt to do so from Facebook on your page or go to Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Check "Allow replies to comments on my Page" Facebook reply settings  What do you think about this new Facebook feature? Could this help people and businesses drive more engagement on their pages?  

Join The Conversation

  • Ashley Edwards's picture
    Mar 29 Posted 4 years ago Ashley Edwards

    I thought it was mentioned in the original release of this feature that the more engaged, popular parts of the conversation would be bumped to the top. Or am I making that up?

  • Mar 27 Posted 4 years ago TheCopyChick

    What seems like a really good idea is already showing some niggly problems. Having used the reply feature for just one day, it appears Facebook are changing the order of posts from oldest to newest... to all over the place. 

    Not sure if they're putting more "popular" replies at the top of the stream, but it destroys any continuity, making it very hard to keep track of conversation. It also means some of the newest comments are appearing in the middle of the stream, so it's nigh on impossible to respond to new comments once they get lost amongst the older ones.

    I've also had a fan advise me that nested replies don't appear under the original reply when viewed through mobile phone apps. Apparently every "nested" reply gets moved to the bottom of the stream, removing context and again making the conversation almost impossible to follow.

    Until these issues are better handled, I think I'll be switching the reply feature off. It's just too messy and unwieldy.

  • RyanNorthover's picture
    Mar 27 Posted 4 years ago RyanNorthover

    What a fantastic feature this is for community managers. This will make brand mangement on Facebook so much easier and take brand to fan communication to the next level! 


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