Facebook Thinks I Have Sexually Offensive Photos?!

Jonha Revesencio Rebel Wizard, RebelMouse

Posted on December 18th 2012

Facebook Thinks I Have Sexually Offensive Photos?!

Facebook may have over over a billion users from all over the world, but rumour has it, they’ve got plenty of time in their hands to remove what appears to be sexually offensive photos and they have even banned 6 photos which they deemed to be violating their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Facebook remove risqué picture of blonde woman reclining in bathtub (Photo via Daily Mail)

The news doesn’t seem to matter, after all, Facebook changes its settings like a girl changes clothes. Not until you get a notification about your account being suspected to have sexually offensive photos!

A few days before my trip to Malaysia, I’ve got this notification when I logged in to Facebook. Dumbfounded and confused, I couldn’t believe that my photos are considered to be offensive in any way. Of all people (I know someone who would chuckle at this), but seriously?! ME – having sexually offensive photos on Facebook?!

Facebook has disabled my ability to upload photos thinking I have offensive photos. I even couldn’t upload photos on the Brand Page I’m managing because of this mistaken issue

Facebook, tell me, does showing a bit of legs now considered as sexually offensive?! 

Not only that! Facebook wants me to Unfriend people whom I think have sexually offensive photos! (Just when I thought it’s about making the world more connected?)

I know of people who may have posted photos that may not be suitable for the general public but it just surprises me that perhaps some of my photos may be considered as sexually offensive. It’s a warning to everyone to be careful of what you post on Facebook as they’ve got all the time in the world to remove contents which they deem to be offensive (even if they actually are not!)


Jonha Revesencio

Rebel Wizard, RebelMouse

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