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As Facebook Timeline Comes to Brands, Will You Be Prepared?

Facebook TimlineNews through the Facebook grapevine is that the social network will not only be releasing a mandatory Timeline update for all users but soon Facebook Pages will also be getting a makeover with a new look and feel. Reports are forecasting an announcement from Facebook at the first ever fMC or Facebook marketing Conference in NYC on February 29.

How will this affect current Facebook Pages for brands? And what should you do to ensure that you are taking advantage of this Timeline update?

Take a look at what Timeline has to offer Facebook members now. Mashable states that a Facebook rep has said that "Consistency in both functionality and appearance is really important to Facebook so we hope to make Pages more consistent with the new Timeline in the future."

Expect the aesthetic and functionality of Timeline for users to be in close line with what Facebook will be offering for Pages.

Keeping this in mind, prepare your brand's Facebook Page as best as you can.

Cover Photo
There will most likely be a cover photo for your page, have one ready so that all you need to do is upload it once the Timeline launches. Use this time to prepare a creative cover photo that represents your brand.

Organize your Content
Facebook now allows you to feature content, review the editorial content on your Facebook page and decide which content you want to highlight. Starring your content highlights and resizes the post across the Timeline.

Timeline also allows you to go all the way back to when your business started, meaning that although your brand may only have been a Page since 2010, you can now add important content or dates going back to the birth of the business.

Developing Apps
Facebook announced their Open Graph applications that feature brands and pages on user Timelines. A great example is Pinterest, site visits have increased by more than 60 percent since their open graph integration. Sit down with your developer and brainstorm application ideas.

Draft an announcement
Launch a mini-campaign announcing your brand's Timeline integration, create a tab that coordinates with this or keep it simple by drafting a post for when the Facebook update goes through.

Mashable offered a take on what Facebook Timeline for Pages could possibly look like:

Mercedes Facebook Page Timeline

Good luck!

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  • Feb 28 Posted 5 years ago JamesB

    What about Custom Facebook Pages - Any insight on what will happen to Welcome Pages etc?

  • Feb 26 Posted 5 years ago marywhite.pathw...

    What a great roadmap to create a dynomite FB Timeline for Brands. The web-based social media platforms are growning so fast and creating these wonderful possibilities for us.  Thank you Mary and shine on, Mary Margaret


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