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Is a Facebook "Want" button the axe that kills Amazon?

Recently on Mashable I read an article about a ‘Want’ button that is currently under production. The ‘Want’ button sat on Facebook’s back burner for some time and it looks like the feature will available sooner rather than later. With such an incredible influence on the social media marketing front, Facebook has yet again shown just what we could expect from the social media giant.

The ‘Want’ feature is rumored to allow users on Facebook to create a digital wish list of things that their friends and other Facebook users might have purchased or would like to purchase. This feature will portray the biggest game of “keeping up with the Joneses” ever. Facebook is continuously improving the marketing tools that social media agencies need to gain clientele and broaden their reach over the consumer.

I wonder though, how powerful will the ‘Want’ button actually be?

As the growing public becomes assimilated to the Facebook network, the ‘Want’ button might help marketers track and record the number of wants a particular product might gain. While a user might think that this is no different than a ‘Like’ button, the ‘Want’ feature may warrant a shopping cart feature that a Facebook user could add or delete items. If Facebook offers its users a shopping cart which they can connect to a PayPal account this will make shopping on Facebook easy and maybe even entertaining. I can actually picture myself posting a status and buying a dune buggy right from my iPhone.

I predict that Facebook will become a competitive online consumer giant against sites like Amazon. Amazon has grown significantly over the years but at the rate at which Facebook has developed, I see no reason for Amazon to fall to the mighty Facebook.

What are your thoughts on the possible ‘Want’ feature? Will Facebook ever dominate Amazon?


Jim Vacey is an editor and content specialist with a marketing firm in Bohemia NY. Jim is a graduate from Dowling College with a BA in English and History and looks to pursue an MBA in Creative Writing. Jim is expecting his first child, Harley Quinn Vacey, this summer. Jim’s blogs can be read at http://fishbat.com/blog/


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    Jul 10 Posted 5 years ago Jim Vacey

    Absolutely. I think that if Facebook plays it smart and makes everything that Amazon does wrong better, you are going to see a major event occur.

  • Jul 10 Posted 5 years ago notdoneat40

    I do believe that facebook will become bigger then amazon...you can already shop on facebook, set up a store etc. it is very easy and way less money then anything you can do on amazon.


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