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Facebook's 3 Announcements Which Could Make Marketers Happy

The social media sphere, friends, followers and fans were sitting today on pins and needles - awaiting Facebook's announcements on "What will be changing? What will be new for users and business?" when using this 800 million pound (users) Gorilla as primary form to stay connected and engaged with followers.

Exactly at 1.00PM Eastern Time Zone the Keynote speakers COO Sheryl Sandberg, VP of Product Christopher Cox, Director of Global Business Marketing Mike Hoefflinger and VP Business & Marketing Partnerchips announced the following major changes and enhancements to our beloved Facebook, targeting especially marketers for the new epic "F-Commerce".

The three new marketers solutions are: 1.  PAGES - The Mission Control-Center For The Business On Facebook

Facebock is quoting "Your Facebook Page is now the richest, most customizable marketing canvas ever created and connects you with people in ways that matter to them."
  • with features like Cover Photo and Page Timeline it will be easier to express your business's (corporate) identity
  • you can now reach and engage your audience on the web as well as mobile
  • the way to respond to people will be quick and more personable
All Photo Credits: Facebook

2.  REACH GENERATOR - A Tool To Make Sure Your Stories Will Be Seen

Facebock is quoting "This “always on” packaged solution makes it easy for you to regularly reach and engage 75% of your fans with meaningful content from your Page. You focus on creating engaging content on your newly designed Page, while we ensure that your fans see the stories you are telling."


Facebock is quoting "Be where the conversations are happening. Our latest premium package lets you engage and influence people in the most impactful places on Facebook: right-hand side homepage, news feed on desktop and mobile, and optionally on the log-out experience."

  • next to connecting with fans and friends of fans you can now also target your audience
  • earn the best placement for your business
  • use the power of friends and featuring more appealing stories to friends of fans

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  • learnit2earnit's picture
    Mar 1 Posted 5 years ago learnit2earnit

    THANK YOU V.J. for sharing this information.  I like how you added the images which makes it easy to see where these changes are within the new timeline.  I will be sharing with my community.  Appreciate you taking the time to bring us this info.

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