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A First Kiss Is Always the Most Memorable

First Kiss

FIRST KISS is an intimate video exhibiting a number of complete strangers sharing a - you guessed it - first kiss.

Have you seen it?

Here it is.

And… here it is.

Which have you seen?

Didn’t quite catch the difference?

You’ll notice that these are in fact two uploads of the same video; one by Tatia Pllieva, the film’s maker, and one by Melissa Coker of WREN, the ‘presenter’ of the video.

The first of these uploads has over 19 million views, over 125,000 thumbs-up, countless comments, and has been featured on high-profile sites such as Mashable, Devour, Time, Huffington Post, The Independent, Slate, Gizmodo, HighSnobriety, CBC, Business Insider, Heavy, and now RGB Social and Social Media Today (ha! Sorry… had to).

The second of these uploads has not. It’s achieved 181 views, 0 thumbs-up, and about 39 likes, 14 shares and 4 comments on Facebook.


The same video, uploaded by the two parties responsible for its creation, and they have dramatically different results.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly why these videos are on such different galaxies as it pertains to their success, but there are a few observations worth making here:

The viral video was uploaded first – roughly a day earlier

The viral video was the one uploaded to a YouTube channel with an existing community – close to 19,000 subscribers

The viral video was shared by prominent online media outlets and tastemakers – some of which are listed above

I’ve previously written in more detail about how some of these things can affect a video’s likelihood of going ‘viral’, so I’ll not blather on about it here.

Anyway, interesting stuff.


Why do you think these videos have achieved such dramatically different levels of success?

Is there anything that this has taught you about content promotion?

What do you think about this video?

As always, it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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  • Michael I's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 3 years ago Michael I


    An excellent insightful article that really shows how you need to target the right market, and even if you have a "web site", doesn't mean "they will come". Very much like the press release distribution industry, you need to get in front of the right audience, no matter what the product or service.  Putting the video in front of a large community like you mentioned was the key to "kick start" the video going viral.  Just "putting it somewhere" is like trying to win a lottery instead of going to school to get a great education, and getting a good job.  One is hoping, the other is strategically planned.

    This brings back a story of a very prominent musician, who would charge huge dollars to see them in concert, yet the study put the same musician in a train station and dressed him up like a homeless man and pretty much no one would even turn their head or blink an eye.

    Excellen article Matthew, thank you.


    24-7 Press Release Distribution

  • Mar 14 Posted 3 years ago Mass Abedi

    Well, we just created our own First Kiss – a Parody by Bonobos…
    Check it out and let us know what you think, thx.

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