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Five Easy Ways to Expand Your Clientele Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a versatile platform for businesses to expand in many different ways. If you know how to use the networking site to your advantage, you can take your company to greater levels using it. Here are five simple tactics by which you can bring in more clients and more value to your business.

Use company status updates

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If your gutter guard manufacturing company has a LinkedIn page, then make sure that you use the facility where certain employees and managers under you can update news and other relevant information on the page directly. By doing this, you are effectively cutting down your own work regarding developing and updating the page, and at the same time keeping your followers engaged. These updates can then be shared, commented on and liked by viewers, which helps keep them thinking about your company at all times. This way, clients will think of your company first because of the repetition and frequent renewal of interest.

Focus on specialisation and find an exact target group

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LinkedIn is different from other networking sites because it is targeted at working professionals and people who wish to expand their network of like-minded people in their areas of expertise. Since the target group is already specialised, you can grab the attention of a very specific group of individuals. These people are already prospective clients, making it easier for you to communicate with them.

Head hunting and LinkedIn

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Search for skilled labour through this networking platform. LinkedIn makes things easier for you because information is freely available. Background checks can be done and you will be able to hire competent and efficient workers. If your staff is good, it is an automatic indicator that your company will deliver positive results. Many clients look at the employees of a company before working with the company itself.

Differentiate yourself and stand out among the crowd

There are many opportunities for you to expand your clientele using LinkedIn. However, it is important to remember that there are a large number of organisations participating in similar activities as you, each one trying to best the other. If you do not have anything special to catch people’s attention, it will be difficult for you to be found, even to your target audience.

Use LinkedIn as a place to promote even offline activities

If your company conducts seminars or other such sources of information regularly, it is advisable to promote this through LinkedIn. Send out invitations to such events online, and you will find that you have an additional number of interested people attending them. This will give you a better opportunity to pitch your business strategy and acquire more clients. Offline methods are excellent for sealing deals.

LinkedIn can only help you get the attention of potential clients. Offline advertising has more of a personal touch and is directed only at the select viewers at that moment. The Internet simply provides you with opportunities to eliminate a large number of people so that you know who to pitch to. 

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