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Five Ways You Can Get Big Value from LinkedIn

I talk about social media quite a bit in my blog posts, articles and conference presentations.  Social media is a key component of a viable pull marketing mix, and should be part of most companies’ go-to-market strategy.pull marketing networking linkedin marketing branded authority brand authority

But like everything else in life, there is always a first among equals.  And the first and most important social media tool for B2B marketers is LinkedIn marketing. Our team at Fusion Marketing Partners has used LinkedIn to drive business and partnerships for ourselves and our clients.  I use LinkedIn myself at least 3-4 days per week and have seen amazing results. In fact, LinkedIn has so many productive uses that I found it tough to narrow the list.

  1. Drive Revenue – We owe several of our client relationships (in full or a large part) to their relationship with us on LinkedIn.  Jill Konrath (author of SNAP Selling)  has done extensive research in this area and reports that top-earning sales reps use LinkedIn far more than their peers.
  2. Become Better Known – Assuming you post interesting thoughts/content, some of your musings will be shared or commented upon by your contacts.  You might even go viral.  This enhanced exposure can only help you when it comes to boosting the levels of marketplace exposure.
  3. Establish Brand Authority – The best way to use LinkedIn to establish a brand authority is to consistently post updates that reinforce your area of expertise and differentiation.  For example, you can share your blog posts, articles, white papers, etc., plus comment and share others’ updates that are related to your key messages.
  4. Keep in Touch – LinkedIn is a great platform to let your business contacts know what you are up to without one-to-one communication.  Not that you shouldn’t reach out personally as often as possible, but this is difficult if you have a large number of connections. It is not unusual to hear someone I haven’t talked to in many years tell me that they are following the my progress (and my company’s) on LinkedIn.
  5. Stay Top of Mind – I wrote a recent blog post titled Market Awareness Trumps Sales Skills.  The premise (reality) is that being known is often more important than sales acumen when it comes to driving revenue. Top of mind awareness (TOMA) is so important that Wikipedia actually has a definition: “The first brand that comes to mind when a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category.”  When the user of your product or service is researching or evaluating purchase options, you want to be the company name that pops into his/her mind. This market awareness factor is a big advantage for large companies, and as a smaller firm, you need to keep your name in front of prospects to overcome this challenge.  LinkedIn marketing is a great way to accomplish this.


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  • Jul 14 Posted 3 years ago Gary Ellenbogen

    We want to inform you about a new ‘feature’ that was implemented by LinkedIn near the beginning of 2013. They did not announce this new procedure to group owners or to LinkedIn membership at large. If you are blocked or blocked and deleted by any group manager/owner, you are placed in Site-Wide Automatic Moderation (SWAM) in the rest of your groups. That means that each of your posts will be pended until someone in the group’s management team approves it. This can take days or weeks, depending on how involved the managers are, or, it may not happen at all.

    This has created problems for people. It may result in a loss of revenue or leads for those using LinkedIn to conduct business, and difficulty maintaining connections. Participation in discussions in a timely manner becomes an impossible task. There is no way to reverse the procedure, and if you contact LinkedIn Customer Service, you will be told to contact each group’s owner/managers and request that they remove you from moderation. They also do not inform you which group blocked you. Many group owners still don’t know about SWAM, and people continue to have great difficulty getting themselves removed from moderation in all/most of their groups. Being SWAM’d, as it is called, will not cause you to be placed in moderation in any groups you join after you have been SWAM’d. We think members of the site should be made aware of this issue.

    In my groups we generally use the remove feature rather than the block feature for members, unless someone has really pushed the boundaries.

    Individuals who have been SWAM'd and wish to join a peer support group that is working on eliminating SWAM might want to check out
    SWAM (Site Wide Auto Moderation) Support - A SPAM Free Group       

  • Jun 14 Posted 3 years ago tskailey

    LinkedIn is a bit of a challenge to navigate when you are starting and it doesn't get easy quick. But when you've build up your connections it is simply a joy to use.

  • tlburriss's picture
    Jun 10 Posted 3 years ago tlburriss

    Good article Christopher.

    I suggest that Drive Revenue be the last item in your list. Mainly because when you become better known, labeled an authority, connect & stay in touch, thus stay top of mind, the Revenue Generating happens.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sanded28's picture
    Jun 9 Posted 3 years ago Sanded28

    LinkedIn groups can be a great medium to interact and build engagement surrounding one's brand.

  • Marielaina Perrone DDS's picture
    Jun 8 Posted 3 years ago Marielaina Perr...

    Great Share. LinkedIn has always been a mystery to me in many ways. Engagement is not as easy as on other sites.


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