Focus On Your Content, Not Just Marketing!

Sandeep Rohilla SEO Analyst, Intelegain Technologies

Posted on February 6th 2013

Focus On Your Content, Not Just Marketing!

Millions of clicks by millions of readers are traced every second on search engines. The modern consumers have become tech-savvy. They use Google, Bing, Yahoo! Or to make informed purchase decisions. Content (both text and images) is a king that rules the web market. Gone are the days you applied your SEO tricks (spam links, unethical link building techniques, etc.) to convert site visitors into customers. The contemporary consumer is immune to info graphics.

Attractive titles, well-researched & unique articles, and impressive images are going to mask content spam. You will need to concentrate more on producing original content, not just marketing through phony ways. Content marketing is a new and agile brand building technique. If your content is factual and informative, readers are going to make repeat visits to your site for more. What can be a better marketing than this?

The enigma to do this isn’t just to have a “good brand” reputation, but to be recognized as a “good content brand” in the market. Here is how you should market your content for better reputation:

  • Focus on your content, not just marketing – The internet fetches a vast amount of information. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, remember this: “Don’t follow others, let others follow you!”

Don’t get lost in the crowd; instead create something unique. Similarly, develop interesting content to attract larger eyeballs. Don’t impose your thoughts on others; instead create a piece to evoke reader’s thought. Don’t run behind website ranking, traffic, or marketing; concentrate on your audience and understand their requirements. A marketing plan without target audience is a waste. Marketing is about grabbing attention and not controlling minds.

So, gain customer’s confidence by building trust. Trust is achieved only if you offer what is required or what is in great demand.

How to understand your target audience?

There are forums, blogs, and social networking sites where people leave their comments (whether positive or negative). Why do people do this? Simply to get response or solutions from brands! Pay attention to their comments and resolve the emerging issues. You need to draft your content the same way you address the consumer’s complaint.

content marketing to consumers

  • Know more than your target audience – This may help you greatly in drafting an interesting piece that answers audience queries. When you aren’t aware of anything, read and know it. The fresh and informative the content is, the more are your chances to attract maximum audience. Research about your topic as much as possible and present a consolidated image, focusing on every angle. Don’t dupe your customers/readers.
  • Devise strategic content goals – Getting millions of unique traffic to your website is not success. Converting those visitors into customers is a success. One cannot measure success in numbers. Similarly, you cannot define content goals in numbers. What is the point in producing a 1000 words dull content, when no one is interested in it? Instead, produce engaging content, capable of spreading your message in less possible words. A successful content is one which transforms leads into opportunities.  Set realistic goals!

Be clear, be precise, be consistent, and most importantly be original to become a “brand” from a “company.”


Sandeep Rohilla

SEO Analyst, Intelegain Technologies

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