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Free Instagram Social Analytics Tools

This post has been updated! Please read the new version here.

There are a few free Instagram analytics tools available today.  What? You didn’t even know there were any tools available yet?  Granted there is nothing available inside the Instagram app yet. Certainly not like Facebook Insights for your analytics.  But worry not, I have found no less than five great free analytics tools for Instagram that you can use now.

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Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools

1.  Statigram (web app)

The king of the web based free Instagram analytics tools. Behold, Statigram!

From my previous post on Instagram apps,  “Statigram is one of the first and best browser-based apps to provide you with stats for your Instagram account when you are signed in.  It also provides a Viewer where you can see all of the people you are Following newest photos in one place. You can even create groups to filter the results if you want.  Under “Statistics” you can see your number of Followers and Followings trends and Followers growth over time.  You can also get scores such as “Love Rate” (number of Likes) and “Talk Rate” (number of Comments) which shows the score of your last posted photo and the previous 15.”


Statigram Free Instagram Analytics Tools


2.  Followers+ for Instagram (iOS app)

The best, most fully featured mobile Instagram Analytics app.  A free download for your iPhone or Ipad with a couple of great add-ons available for in-app purchase (0.99 each).  Click on the “Extra” button to access the Engagement Pack and the Insights Pack.  The Engagement pack helps you to determine who are your best and worst followers based upon number of comments or “Likes” given.  The Insights Pack provides metrics such as “Friends Posting Near” or “Far From Me”, longtime users vs. “newbies”, and “Secret Admirers” who leave you the most Likes and comments but fail to follow you.

3.  InstaFollow (iOS app) 

A bare bones, but quick and easy to use mobile app for Instagram metrics.   This app shows you 4 basic metrics each time you sync your account.:

  • New followers (this week vs. today) – Fresh faces for you to follow now.
  • Have unfollowed you  (this week vs. today) – You may wish to do the same.
  • Are not following you back – So you can decide to unfollow them or not.
  • You are not following back – In case you want to reciprocate.

4.  SimplyMeasured (web based free report)

SimplyMeasured offers a “free Instagram user report“.

All they ask in return is for you to send a one-time tweet about the report they offer.  You get a web based and Excel version of the free report.  The report provides some engagement metrics such as total Instagram and Facebook Likes and comments.  Engagement for specific images is available on a “Top Photos” spreadsheet.  You also get top comment keywords and even the best time or day for engagement.

5. Nitrogram (web app)

When you are ready to “go pro”, Nitrogram is there for you.  Search Engine Watch recently reported, “The recently launched and funded marketing and social engagement platform lets brands better analyze and use the earned media they are generating on Instagram.”

In the meantime you can get the free “Fire Cracker” level by simply signing in with your Instagram account.  This will allow you to track 1 Instagram account and 1 #hashtag as well as give you access to Nitrogram’s free Insights report.  Taken from the first Insights email I received from Nitrogram, “You can now see data on the 3000 latest relevant photos. If there is more data, it will be processed in the background (~2k photos/hour).  You can now retrieve historical data about metrics like Volume (photos taken), Engagement (like+comments), and Potential Reach (for #hashtags).  You can also access all the photos related to those insights and discover which ones could be important to engage with.”


You can also use Webstagram Instagram Web Viewer to get network wide metrics and data on the most popular keywords, photos and hashtags.  Think of it as a free analytics tool for all of Instagram instead of just your account.  See my monthly updates about the Top 100 Instagram #hashtags.

This is just the beginning when it comes to Instagram analytics as more tools are sure to be introduced in 2013.  Even Facebook is sure to add enhancements to their Insights tool or roll something out special just for Instagram.  Roll up your sleeves and get busy with the tools I have provided for you.

What is your favorite Instagram Analytics tool?  Do share it with us in the comments below.

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  • Feb 2 Posted 1 year ago SamanthaGrain Too bad most of the apps, no matter what exact functions they have, are more of freemium, than truly free. You know what they say about it: If you're not paying to get something, you are being sold. Thank you for these great tools, the list does include the main, major apps, and i use Statigram (or should ) and Nitrogram along with Zengram (they've allegedly banned the names with -gram, haven't they?:) so i guess i should call them totems and iconosqure) in my promotion, and it works pretty well for me.
  • Apr 14 Posted 3 years ago TagSleuth

    Hi - Another self promotion here, but potentially useful for folks interested in the topic of Instagram analytics.  Tag Sleuth is an Instagram analytics solution. We just launched our beta and would love for folks to try it out. We archive and analyze Instagrams based on how they are tagged, bubbling up information like most common user of that tag, other tags used and more.  Thanks!

  • Oct 11 Posted 3 years ago tftb

    There are so many other tools out there.

    You might be interested in looking into these Instagram tools to help you scale your marketing and make it more effective.

  • Aug 9 Posted 3 years ago Remy Tennant

    Sorry for the promotion but I think this will have value for readers. I work for, one of the leaders in analytics for the visual web. In addition to Pinterest analytics we just rolled out analytics for Instagram and Tumblr, and they are both in free beta so marketers may want to take advantage. To learn more watch our Instagram and tumblr anaytics video.  

  • Peter Trapasso's picture
    Jan 21 Posted 4 years ago Peter Trapasso



    That is excellent news!


    Thank you for stopping by.



  • ThibautDavoult's picture
    Jan 21 Posted 4 years ago ThibautDavoult

    Thanks a lot for including Nitrogram in this article Peter.

    Please note that Nitrogram's plans and pricing have changed since this article was published. The free plan now provides data on the account used to sign up. For more, users have to upgrade.


    Thibaut, Community at Nitrogram

  • Peter Trapasso's picture
    Jan 18 Posted 4 years ago Peter Trapasso

    And do not forget to include Followgram!

    Shout out to their founder - Fabio Lalli.

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