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Gagein: Have You Tried It Yet?

Selling is more than just a numbers game; closing more deals is about finding the right prospect at the right time with the knowledge to engage in an informative discussion, and the social context within which to build a relationship. What if you had a tool that could find opportunities deliver them to you daily and provide the information you need to successfully close the deal? That’s exactly what Gagein does.

Who Uses Gagein? 

Gagein is used by anyone whose job requires staying on top of events that impact prospects and customers in order to more effectively sell, support and establish relationships.

Gagein is useful for

  • Sales Teams —

 In today's hyper-competitive sales environment, every salesperson is looking for an advantage in finding and closing opportunities. And it’s only becoming more difficult with the cut throat competition. Gagein's targeted "trigger" approach to identifying opportunities helps salespeople fill their pipelines with qualified prospects. 

  • Business Development Teams —

 Trigger events like mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, revenue announcements etc. signal opportunities for business development. Business development professionals use Gagein to find these opportunities and reach out to potential partners at exactly the right time with an informed message.

  • Marketing Teams  —

 Marketing departments on an average deliver 40% of the leads used by sales. With Gagein, not only can marketing departments significantly increase the number of leads delivered, they can dramatically increase the quality of those leads. Sales may never love marketing but they will really appreciate the timely lead flow J 

How it works?

Most of you already have a profile on LinkedIn and are linked to a number of people and companies. Same might be the case for Twitter, Facebook and a number of other social networks, which means there is probably a lot of information that is already coming your way. Gagein takes this information, combines it altogether and then allows you to search and filter the content according to your needs.


The Key

  • Tracking – Follow companies and people
  • Prospecting – Find new prospects
  • Researching – Visualize key data with sales graph
  • Connecting – Utilize social setting


Information processed through the above procedure

  • Sales triggers: You get alerts to important events, such as Personnel Profile Changes, Funding Developments, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Use them to add new prospects with an urgent need for your offering, identify immediate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with existing customers, and prioritize prospects that are ready to buy.
  • Company profiles: Company information is aggregated and consolidated from company websites, news outlets, social media sites, and other sources including Hoovers, Yahoo, and Crunch base. Easily access relevant news and important company updates, decision-makers, social profiles, and more, in a single place.
  • Contact profiles:Contacts are collected and consolidated from a number of sources, so you can access the most up-to-date contact data and receive alerts to critical changes in real-time. In addition, GageIn offers native integration with social networks, making it easier to find and engage with the right decision-makers.


  • Sales Intelligence when you need it
  • Smart Agent Technology finds more and better opportunities
  • Single visual source for Prospect Company, News and social Information
  • Get Social, Friends do business with friends
  • Mobile sales Intelligence ensures you are never blindsided
  • Supercharge Sales force CRM

There are a few more things that you as a social media marketer must know about Gagein:

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Marketers have single-screen access to millions of pages of potential data that can be leveraged to monitor campaigns and promote their business via automating updates to social media channels.


Coolest feature

Rich content is derived from a proprietary aggregation algorithm. It draws from individual company websites, more than 10,000 media sources, as well as social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slide Share and blog communities. User-defined content filters define searches, with results displayed on a single home page or email summary report.


A question that all of us should ask: How is all this different than using Google Alerts?

The Answer: Gagein is an online platform allowing you to track, connect, and grow businesses by staying informed of market trends, uncovering business opportunities, and expanding business relationships. It delivers sales intelligence, letting you know who needs you and how to contact them. Gagein also helps you find more opportunities by letting you see when mergers, expansions, job changes, and other business events happen. This way, you do not have to scan hundreds of resources to keep on top of new prospects. You can just check Gagein.

It also aggregates company news and social information, providing complete snapshots of critical information about prospective customers. The best part of Gagein is that you are not following people, but rather content, which you can then share with partners and customers discovering and acting on new opportunities.

Unlike Gagein, Google Alert does not give you so much in depth information. Hence Gagein wins a point. Check the link below to see how Gagein is way better than Google Alerts.

Are you using tools like Gagein to sell effectively in today’s social world? Let us know.

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