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Get Your Head Out of the Sand...It's Time to Get Your Business on Facebook!

"There's No Time Like the Present"

Many small to medium businesses seem to be dragging their feet, waiting for a better time than NOW to start engaging with an online community that is there and waiting on Facebook. The wait should truly be over. Everyday, when Facebook users, Social Media  Managers, business owners and brand representatives search for their target market or a business affiliatate to link up with, time and time again they are coming up short.. This shouldn't be, and here's why!

  • The numbers don't lie and measurable analytics are proof that Facebook Marketing is working! The face-to-face networking and word-of-mouth promoting that you do in real time, can be amplified online.

There are nearly 700 Million users on Facebook world wide according to reports just out this week. 152 Million of those are in the US. Talk about immense potential to market to your target market right where they are spending the most time online.. On Facebook! In a recent slide share by Hubspot it was posted that:

  • 1 out of every 8 minutes online is spent on Facebook.
  • 40% of Facebook users are age 35
  • 93% of US Adult internet users are on Facebook
  • 64% of Facebook users have become fans of at least one company or brand on Facebook

With stats like these, it's hard to ignore that the odds are in your favor that a brand new consumer is ready and waiting to Social Network with you on Facebook! When you're ready to create a fully customized Facebook Page there are some key components that you should consider:

1. Have a Mission- Know Who you are going to Market to on your Facebook Page and why- Will you be trying to drive traffic to your website, promoting your products, capture email addresses? Whatever the reason know what your Facebook Objectives are and make it your goal to stick to them.

2. Design for the Win- Work with a creative graphic designer who has experience with iFrames and research the look that is best for your industry and even search within Facebook for pages that you like, so that you can do something similar, but with your own Flair! Consider an email opt-in form and an embedded video that highlights your business. Utilize live links to your other social media profiles and to your website.

3. Create Killer Content- The key to your Facebook Success will be answering the questions that you believe your audience is asking. Curate great status updates that get your audience involved and owning the page!

4. Promote the Platform- There are all kinds of wonderful ways you can promote your custom Facebook Page once you have it up and established. You can immediately use the "Suggest to Friends" feature whereby you can import your email address book and even your LinkedIn network connections within the admin pages of Facebook. Next you can include your Facebook vanity URL on all of your marketing pieces, invoices, and within your email signature as additional points of connection. The sky is truly the limit once you start commingling your existing networks and tap into the promotional opportunities of your page!

5. Engage and Enchant Your Followers-  Start your Facebook Page with the right tempo by talking in conversational tones with your audience. Ask open ended questions and don't be afraid to take every opportunity to talk like they talk and take note of the things that they are responding to within your News Feed. Continually engaging with your followers and adding value through your status updates, notes, video, photos and more will make your followers fun brand advocates that will talk about you and help make you famous online!

6. Go for the Conversion Play- If you've built your page with an email opt-in or a call to action that solicited a response other than opening the "like gate", make sure that you follow up by starting to connect with your Facebook Followers via email newsletters that convert your Likers into leads and loyal Customers! Don't rely heavily on Push Marketing techniques, as this is truly becoming a thing of the past. Direct them to your website or ecommerce blog and offer a discount or service to them for free if you're able.

7. Use Facebook Insights and other measuring tools to track your progress- Facebook analytics, called Insights, are an awesome way to track your progress. Get into the back end of your page and monitor your progress once you've reached 30 likes. You can also measure with other tools such as Hootsuite or Twenty Feet.

What do you think? Do you agree that it's time for nearly all businesses and brands to create a custom Facebook Page and jump into online marketing Awesomeness?

I would love to hear your input!~ Keri


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  • Jun 23 Posted 5 years ago Steve B (not verified)

    "40% of Facebook users are age 35" Really? What's the cause of this unusual peak? :)

    I take it you mean either "over 35" or "under 35". Probably the former, since you're saying something you obviously think will surprise people.

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 23 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Thanks for the comment Aaron! Well Said..Interaction and Engagement is the key to enhancing all of your Social Media efforts and profiles. WE're socail being and if you spend any time online you understand the value and worth of truly starting conversations and connection points exactly where your target audience is spending time! It's Awesome that you see it this way also! ~ Keri

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 23 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Thank for your kind regards William!

    You are so correct about the need to have a fully optimized and social media integrated website. Many businesses who haven't hired a Social Media Community Manage aren't fully aware of all of that Facebook offers in regards to creating a truly "Social Experience" right on their website by integrating Facebook API keys directly into their website.

    Converting "Likes" to "Leads" does in fact happen, when you are able to harness the functionality of a custom Facebook page with an email optin and then send that potential cleint wonderful offers and discounts for your services and connect with them electronically in that manner.

    It sounds like you're totally on the right track and serving your clients well with your skills and knowledge! Track, measure and set benchmarks and Go BE Awesome! ~ Warmly, Keri

  • Jun 22 Posted 5 years ago Aaron Eden (not verified)

    Great read, thank you for posting. It is important too, for evryone to comprehend that social media is not about marketing their services or products but interacting to their audience to show value and concern. I totally agree that the key to facebook success is by constantly answering your audiences' queries. Sourcing great and compelling updates/contents will surely give your fans reason to visit your page again.

  • William Wells III's picture
    Jun 21 Posted 5 years ago William Wells III

    Greetings Keri...  An excellent read.  Goes hand in hand with my recent article posted yesterday.

    I see two major issues when dealing with businesses or watching them start doing this on their own:

    1. They have no idea that a properly constructed and operated FB page (IE: Notes, posts, detailed descriptions with photos and video) can help where they've fallen short with their website... landing them on page one of the major search engines.  I've seen it... and I've done it for businesses I work with.  Their company website is nowhere to be found, however, their Facebook business page suddenly shows up on page one with searches where their particular area, region, business and/or services are concerned.

    2. They tend to go at it with blinders on... thinking that every "Like" is a potential client or customer... and looking to build relationships with only those who will directly need the services they offer... when in fact, although every "Like" and every relationship they form also provides indirect access to an even large audience that they might not yet have direct access to.

    This is where the "Social Media Professional" has their work cut out for them.  Just knowing how each tool works isn't enough.  Knowing how each tool can work WITH a particular business... knowing how to include it in a strategy is what separates "the men (or women) from the boys (or girls)".

    For example... depending on the business... it may be more appropriate for a business to use a Facebook presence as a "customer service and retention" tool rather than a tool specifically for selling a product or service.

    This is one area where business owners need guidence and direction.

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 21 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    You've nailed it on the head about the timeliness of getting your business Social Media integrated online William.. Spot on advice~ Glad you enjoyed the post.. I enjoyed your link :)~ Keri

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Thanks for your kindness Anne- Glad to have been a bit of help! 

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Totally agree with you Loopster Social Media- Businesses are hearing the buzz surrounding Social Media. Filtering through the noise seems to come with actual time spent online managing profiles effectively and being able to discern quality content and sincere engagment with the ingenuine attempts. Our goal is to continually be advancing the platforms and sharing our knowlege with others about it's full potential so that everyone can have an equal opportunity for online success! ~ Keri

  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Indeed it is always a challenge to choose the right Social Media networking platform for each specific genre of business.. Here is a super [Infographic] that I keep bookmarked from, it's a super place to start gathering insights and research before you even think about creating profiles. I'll have to take a look at the link you shared- Thanks- Keri


  • KnDino-Social Media for Your Business's picture
    Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago KnDino-Social M...

    Lou- You state many vaild points about the intricacies of Facebook Marketing for businesses. Not every business fits into the same mold when it comes to how they pursue engagement on their page. Business owners and Social Media Community Managers alike must find their own sweet spot as I like to call it, before they reach that ah ha period of time where Likes take off and the ball starts rolling. Even then, it's more often than not, as you so aptly pointed out, a marriage between a primary and secondary social platform that amplifies the efforts of the other.

    Brick and Mortars have a wonderful opportunity utilizing their existing, rich website, Twitter and Yelp to drive traffic into their doors, and can then leverage Facebook as a strong secondary network. Due dilligence and a rock solid understanding of the marketing needs of your business are foremost to achieve mearsurable results. You nailed it when you said "Determine your Audience and then go to where they are"- One can never become complacent and we always need to be tracking and measuring all of the analytics of each and every platform so that we just aren't throwing darts in the air and never know if we're hitting the bullseye!  Thanks for your super comments- Keri

  • Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago William DeRosa (not verified)

    Great post! We see more and more companies utilizing Facebook (and other social media) and becoming successful at it with our training and customizations. Don't wait!! If your competitor is on Facebook and other SMM platforms, and you aren't, be prepared to lose market share.

  • Jun 20 Posted 5 years ago Anne Patrick (not verified)

    I agree with you, Keri, that there is no right time than TODAY. We, businesses and individuals, should be aware that each day is different even in the current popularity and functionality of social media. That we have to take advantage with the current lots of benefits it can add up to our markets. Thank you for the tips you shared here about Facebook Fan Page. Those are really helpful.

  • Jun 19 Posted 5 years ago loucovey

    Keri, I agree with you that Facebook is a great communication tool, but I also agree with Richard that it is not as easy as you state. Nor is it effective for everyone.

    I've worked with several small businesses and non profit groups and each has their own set of problems.  The first step is determining what depth their social media outreach should be.  Do they have time to make posts on a regular basis?  Do they have the communiation skills to make that dynamite content you say they need? And if they don't do they have the resources to hire someone... like us... to do that for them.  The answer to those questions takes us to step two:

    Determine where your audience is, and then go where they are.  

    Not every business has a critical mass of their clientele on Face Book. Some may prefer to use Yelp, or Linkedin, or Groupon, or DeHood or even an old fashioned website.  our responsibility as communication professionals is not to approach each client with a cookie-cutter solution.  This may be the most valuable service we can provide them, especially if they have limited funds to pay for our services.  I had a personal experience with this step with a small local business that knew they had to do something in social media, but they didn't know where to start, they didn't know how and they especially were in the dark about what to do with it once they got there.  I started them on Facebook because it was the simplest and cheapest option, but also because we found a significant number of current customers were there.  But what we also discovered was that they did not engage with the merchant through Facebook.  Instead they went from his FB page to his website, and that was where the engagement happened.  The merchant realized that he needed to beef up his website with a blog and coupons, which ended up quadrupling his sales inside of three months. From there he hot serious about Yelp and was able to leverage that service into spreading word-of-mouth in the community because that is what an even larger section of his customers use to determine where to shop.

    In this case, FB was a "gateway" to understanding the power of social media, but it wasn't the ultimate answer.

    There are lots of consultants whocome to companies with "the answer" on communication strategies, and it ends up in failure for everyone, more often than not.  A good communication professional approaches each client as an individual problem to be solved and then provides a customized strategy for that problem.




  • Jun 19 Posted 5 years ago Loopster Social... (not verified)

    Most businesses DO want to get involved in social media (and Facebook in particular). The major cause of friction in the process seems to be a lack of understanding in 'how' to execute on Facebook. Although there are some best practices and actionable strategic guidance emerging onto the blogosphere there is still a lot of "noise" - business owners are having a lot of difficulty separating the two.

  • Jun 19 Posted 5 years ago Keri Andino (not verified)

    Hey, Thanks for the honesty of your rebuttle @Richard, I totally respect your position, and the years of experience you have in Marketing. I agree with you, that many Facebook users are utilizing their 'Personal Facebook Profiles' to engage just as you suggest, by cross commenting on status updates, photo viewing and connecting with friends, relatives, coworkers etc. The message that I was trying to convey was, that in my opinion, and from what studies are showing, Facebook users are engaging on Facebook Pages with businesses and brands more and more and B2B commerce is converting Likes to Leads leveraging the power of not only Facebook, but Social Media and it's varied platforms.  Indeed, it is a tool in what should be a well-oiled existing Marketing Strategy, and cannot replace a broken spoke in the internal wheel. However, a viable, objectively planned Facebook Page for your business is an opportunity to partner with a new online target market, and one not to be missed..pages are producing results backed by ROI for businesses and brands no matter how large or  small. Warmly, Keri

  • Jun 19 Posted 5 years ago Elias Shams (not verified)

    Not just Facebook, but on those channels that make sense for your business. You certainly should try to create a page for your company, products, and services on It' free :-) The site it the portal to all of your social media / B2B channels you are currently using.

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and others have been doing a decent job of providing additional marketing exposure and even in some cases, additional revenue. However, as more and more social networking sites pop up, the task of picking the right channel getting more challenging. 

  • Jun 19 Posted 5 years ago Richard Meyer (not verified)

    I am sorry but I do not agree with this analysis at all.  Nobody wakes up and says "I am going to start a relationship with a brand on Facebook today".  In fact most people who spend time on Facebook are reading what their friends post or looking at photos not seeing what's new with a cream cheese brand on Facebook.  Setting up a Facebook page is only a good idea if it is part of an integrated online marketing strategy not because Facebook has 700 million users (by the way they are loosing users in the US).

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