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Getting Maximum Shares for Your Social Media Posts

Social sharingOver the past few years, there has been an exponential growth of the social networks. Without implementing a relevant social media strategy, there is a risk that the brand’s online reputation will perish. On the other hand, a robust strategy can spur word-of-mouth publicity and get people talking about your brand. While there are many valuable components of a social media strategy, the key focus at present is on content marketing.

Content marketing, in this respect, means blog posts. A brand has to ensure that their blog posts are heavily shared on reputable social networks. There are 2.7 billion internet users around the globe, yet your content might not be easily read, shared or seen. But why?

The answer is quite simple. There are many other companies out there in the market. They are also trying to entice web audiences with their blog posts. Why would a social media user read your content, filtering out all the other brands’ posts? Is it because you are writing great content? But how do you know that the others are writing trash? Even many great posts do not get enough shares on social networks. 

Closely follow what is going around

Want to write the type of content that will experience maximum shares on social media? You need to understand the kind of topics that are most popular on these platforms. For that, you do not have to go through a series of guidelines telling you how to enhance the number of likes for a social media post. Instead, closely study the behavior of your friends on the social media platform. Try to understand the kind of posts they like and share most and write accordingly.

According to a study conducted by Add This, the most shared contents in the popular social media sites during the month of April are:

  • Facebook- Emotional stories, entertainment news and quizzes
  • Twitter-Breaking news and news related to businesses
  • LinkedIn-All sorts of industrial news
  • Pinterest-DIY projects, recipes and fashion topics
  • Google+- Sports articles, celebrity news, coupons and deals       

All these posts, which have been shared on these platforms, have compelling images. It is observed that these images play a significant role in enhancing social media engagement. However, the insights they offer are not the principal guidelines that you have to follow blindly while posting a blog in your social profile.

Study the sharing pattern of the people in your page and think whether the pattern of content you are considering will get traction?

Motivation behind content sharing

A study by The New York Times reveals the reasons that motivate consumers to share the content:

  • 49% of sharing is done to inform others about the products they are interested for, to change their opinions or encourage actions
  • 94% consumers try to share only the information that will be useful for the recipient
  • 84% share because it reveals the kind of issues or causes they are concerned about
  • 73% of the consumers share the information because it help them to connect with likeminded fellows
  • 68% share the posts to give others a better sense of who they are and what they care for

Do you know the reasons for which your audiences will like to share the content?

Select the best time to share

To enhance the shares for a post, it is also vital to find an ideal time to publish your content. Though, you may come across several websites that suggest the appropriate time to post on the social media profiles, you can know that only through a trial and error procedure. Select a software like Buffer or Hootsuite that will allow you to post to multiple social networks at specific times.

Plan for a week and be ready with two to three varied posts. Include meaningful photos in either one or two. Share these contents at different times of the same day. Look at the kind of engagement each share receives. Whether the posts, which include images, are read most? Who engages at what times- all the data need to be measured. It will enable you to work out the best times to post in different social media profiles.       

So, there are no shortcuts to generate traffic for your social media profiles. You have to continue with your trial and error methods to come up with the best approach that will make your posts get enough shares.

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