Getting Unfriended? Evaluate Your Social Tactics
Danielle Leitch Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, MoreVisibility

Posted on December 20th 2012

Getting Unfriended? Evaluate Your Social Tactics

Just like in real life, there are things we can do on social media to alienate people. If you’re a chronic over-sharer, are offensive, or fail to make personal connections with your followers, you may get unfriended, says a new report from SocialVibe.

Among SocialVibe’s findings:

  • 33% of users unfollowed brands that posted too many updates
  • 22% of users did so because their values and/or content differed from the users’ original perception
  • 19% did so because they didn’t find value in remaining connected
  • 9% did so after signing up through an ad then changing their minds

How many updates are too many? That’s a little hard to pin down. SocialVibe reports that 17% of users checked for brand updates every day, while 23% checked at least once a week.

Ideally, you should be posting somewhere between these two extremes, say 3-5 times a week.

More important than how often you post updates, though, is what you’re saying.

People follow brands for updates, sure, but between true “updates” it’s important to stay connected with content that is informative, helpful and engaging. Content that reinforces the ideas behind your brand, and reminds users why they follow you in the first place, is ideal.

Just make sure that you’re content isn’t too aggressive or sales-focused. If you had a friend who clogged your timeline with incessant self-promotional messages, you would unfriend them too.

Danielle Leitch

Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, MoreVisibility

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These tips can also apply to your personal social media pages.  If you are posting too often or you are posting things that others find inappropriate or unimportant, you may get unfriended.  Try to make your posts worthwhile and interesting without posting too often.