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Getting Your Facebook Profile to the Top of Google

ImageFacebook and Google are Friends?

Your Facebook profile should be carefully hidden from all employers, colleges, and bosses- concealing your personal life and covering up your wild and crazy college years, right? Wrong. You can use Facebook and Google to make yourself more marketable if you use them in the right ways. Exposing and publicizing your Facebook allows you to show a more personal side to your employers, seem more well rounded, and prove that you aren’t hiding anything from them. Best of all, Facebook profiles are perfect pieces of content to easily boost up to the top of Google- a great way to bolster your online reputation.  Let's get down to business:

Step One: Prepare Your Profile

Let's face it, your Facebook profile isn't exactly the cleanest thing in the world (as in, it doesn't exactly put you in the best light)- you're going to have to do a little work to get it up to snuff. Go ahead and remove those harming pictures, curse-word-filled status updates, and videos of you at 5AM signing "Small Town Girl".  Trust me, these are necessary measures on your quest to conquer Facebook and Google.   

Step Two: Make Your Profile Public 

If your friends can't find you, how can search engines?  It's very simple to go into your Facebook settings and make your profile "Public".  You can still restrict some of your content, but in order for search engines to find your profile you need to make the content publicly accessible.  

Step Three: Use Your Real Name

Do your friends call you "J-Money" or Mike “The Hammer”?  That should probably stay an inside joke and shouldn't make it's way to the Internet.  Using your real name on social networks like Facebook allows potential employers, customers, and even dates to easily find you when they search for you on Facebook and Google. Your nickname may give you and your friends a few laughs but the public won’t be in on the joke and won’t understand.  With this step, make sure you keep your name consistent as well!  Even though Trevor Elwell and Trevor R. Elwell are very similar, in the eyes of search engines they are very different- use the name that people will be searching for you with.

Step Four: Get Your Vanity URL

A simple way to boost up your Facebook page on Google is to get your vanity URL. If you go to your account settings you will easily be able to change this.  A vanity URL is a URL with your name in it (for instance .  If isn't available then make sure that you use some variation of it like I did.  The important thing is keeping your name in the URL and in the same order (as in nothing in between your first and last name).  This is probably the single most powerful way to get your Facebook page to rank on Google.  

Step Five: Links on Links on Links

You have a Twitter and a LinkedIn on top of your Facebook and Google profiles, but are you linking between your profiles?  Google loves to see inbound links- and a very easy way to get them is to utilize the profiles that you already have set up!  Link to your now-public Facebook profile from all of your other social networks and make sure to include your name in the link text (for instance Trevor Elwell on Facebook would be a good link but Trevor Elwell on Facebook would not).   

I hope that following these tips helps get your Facebook profile up to the top of Google!  If you have any questions about your online reputation or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below or shoot me an email at

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  • Oct 13 Posted 5 years ago Carrie (not verified)

    There are numerous other ways to be found! As Nicky mentioned, use LinkedIn, blogs, your own web site and more to be found for job opportunities!

  • Oct 8 Posted 5 years ago Nicky (not verified)

    Indeed Why should anyone have to do this?

    These articles pushing people to open up their personal profiles to the big wide world seem to miss a crucial point. And it is nothing to do with "having something to hide."  It is that people do not WANT their profile open to the entire world (aka Public)  or on Google - most especially employers, bosses, colleagues (who are not friends or people they know) et al., who can make judgements based on someone's personal life -which is just that - personal.

    Most people on FB use it to connect and communicate with friends and family - exactly as AMy9 says - and deliberately keep their personal profile private. Why should they have to jump through hoops to make them public?

    If you've been listening to the outcry over the recent  Facebook changes you will know that they were mostly around the privacy settings - people do not want people they don't authorize or want to see what they post their Facebook profiles - and it is nothing to do with having anything to hide, they just do not care to share with them. I don't understand why they even have to caveat with "I have nothing to hide" - completely unecessary.

    As it happens Facebook now has more (and dare I say better) privacy settings for users as long as they take the time to understand and set them up.

    If employers etc want to find out what their future or current employees are doing - they can use Linked In which is geared for that. And if users want to have a more public profile on Facebook they can set up a Facebook Page - which is by public by default and better for marketing puposes. With the subscribe feature users also have the option to share only certain things publicly. And Tweets are all public by default unless it's a protected account.

    Yes it's very easy to go into your Facebook profile and make everything public... fact is that most do not wish to, so they won't.

  • Oct 7 Posted 5 years ago Jennie B Moye (not verified)

    As a business owner I have a facebook page for business and one for fun, personal, and pleasure.  Most of my customers that have liked my fb page on the business end also look me up on my personal page.  I have nothing to hide, heck my pastors wife is one fo my friends and I have it clean...

    Still I don't think that I want to share everything with everybody!

  • amy9's picture
    Oct 7 Posted 5 years ago amy9

    Why should anyone have to do this?

    In my opinion, Facebook is for communicating and sharing things with my friends. I keep my Facebook very private and even though there's nothing untowards on there, it's still private and something I don't wish my employers to see. They don't need to know everything about me.

    Linked in is for work related social media activities, and for that it does a fantastic job.

    Google plus manages to integrate both, and if it ever actually takes off, perhaps it will do quite well at this.

    But still, I have nothing to hide, and anyone who believes my Facebook profile being private means I'm trying to hide some deep, dark, secret needs to get a grip.

    I just don't like sharing all my holiday pictures and in-jokes with the world.

    (I know that facebook itself see's all this but that's an argument for another time)

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