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Give 'Em the Business on Your Facebook Page

You know those people who want to be your friends on Facebook only they’re not really your friends, they’re friends of your business? Still with me? Okay, well if you go back a few years with Facebook, you know we used to call these folks “fans.”

Apparently that wasn’t quite awkward enough, so the name got changed to “Likes.” Or is it “Likers?” Whatever.

The thing is, Facebook wants to be business-friendly. Why? Because they want your business. So whether or not you do or don’t like calling your likers “likers,” why not let your growing population of whatever the heck they are be more than just lookers?

Confused yet? Here’s what I’m trying to say…

Why don’t we just call them customers?

Well as practical as that sounds, Facebook hasn’t really put their developers on that one. That’s fine. It’s not a mall. It’s a social network. But then, if you’re trying to do business, doesn’t that make the goal of your Facebook Page to get your visitor out of there and meet you over at your website where she can actually spend some dough?

Hi. C'mon in. Look at my Wall while you’re here. Now, please leave. This strikes me more as f'd-up-commerce than f-commerce.

Now let’s talk shop.

What if you called your Facebook Page a website? No, better yet, what if you made your Facebook Page a website?

I’m going to show you how a fast-growing population of users is beginning to smush social media and e-commerce together in this place called Facebook, where we spend so much of our time online.


Premade Paleo Facebook Page


This entrepreneur has made a cool little infomercial, a cooking demonstration, a main ingredient of his Facebook website. And right below his video is a nice little coupon offer. Tasty.


Stella & Dot Facebook Page Builder


Shannon Kaloper has told you, in true website fashion, how much you might enjoy becoming an independent stylist. She’s also offered to fill you in on the details if you’ll kindly fill in her brief form. Now there’s a jewel of an idea for engaging the 144,000-plus Facebook users who like Stella & Dot.


Real Estate listing Facebook Page


This real estate agent shows customers what they’re actually there for: to look at homes. As you can see, her Facebook site offers listings, PDFs and additional information about her business, so visitors will feel very at home previewing real estate here.

Lookie here, this copywriter (who can spot a self-promotion opp when it's staring him in the face) thought it wise to bring his blog into his Facebook page. You need not exit Facebook to hear Barry huff and puff about online marketing. 

Where’d these businesses learn these tricks?

Social Stage is the common denominator for each of the Facebook sites I showed you. This start-up offers a freemium model with modular apps to make it easy for anyone to do business on Facebook. What's more they offer branded app suites for a growing list of vertical industries and develop custom suites and brand management control centers for corporate marketers seeking to syndicate services across multi-site enterprises and retail chains. 

If you’d like to know how to turn your Facebook Page into a website, Social Stage offers you simple little apps, free products, tiered service plans, and 2-minute tutorials to show you how perform the tricks you saw here today, and more, yourself.

I'm keen on what Social Stage is doing. The truth is, a lot of companies are doing a lot of really interesting things with their Facebook Pages. Don't be shy about sharing the ones you like.

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  • Dec 6 Posted 5 years ago aap7251

    Why create a service based profile page on facebook when its clearly socially based? you will never find the right services you are looking for with their myriad of groups, pages, fans, etc..... Try instead, this site is actually tailor made to fit the service industry and those seeking it.

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