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Give Social Media Mileage to Your Business

Web has become an integral part of our lives. Businesses too have realized its immense potential, and thus try to capitalize on it in various ways. While maintaining a business website is obligatory for web existence, one also requires coupling it with social media, because web users are hooked to social platforms. So, here are steps that will help you give social media mileage to your business.

social media marketing mileage

Integrating social media thoughtfully

Businesses know that social media can be used to share information and spread word of mouth. The same motivates business owners to integrate social media buttons with their platforms. However, social media integration shouldn’t be done in a hurry. Forcing visitors to share on Facebook or Twitter with sudden pop-ups is not the right way. Similarly, some websites compromise readability to make space for social media bar. So, make social media elements improve website experience and not in any way diminish it.

Link promotions to social media profiles  

People love discounts, and pitching them through social media profiles can pay in multiple ways. Your loyal fans and followers will feel special and privileged on getting a limited discount. Linking the offer with ‘sharing’ will help in spreading the message, and more people will become followers in hope of such future rewards. Some brands do the same through their websites. The practice reaps the similar benefits.

Think social for login

If your web platform requires visitors to login, offering the same through Facebook or Twitter would be a good idea. First time visitors are usually reluctant to share personal information. Social media login options put them at ease, and increases the chances of further interaction. Business owners on the other hands get the confirmation they require. The same understanding is powering the growing popularity of social media sign-in.

Embrace creativity

There are two ways to say something on social media platforms: the engaging way and the boring way. People share updates that they think friends would find interesting. So, make sure you choose to tell your stories with a pinch of creativity. Making use of pictures; ingrain recent events with your messages. Embrace creativity in your social media communication, and you will notice the change. 

Mind what you say    

Social platforms are powerful tools to stay connected with your loyal clientele and customers. And like anything powerful, they need to be handled with care. Saying something careless and offensive can develop a chain reaction that can mess up years of work. So, if you make a promise, fulfill it; if you make a statement, stand by it; if you commit a mistake, apologize.  

No doubt social media carries oodles of potential but a business should think before depending entirely upon it. Team it up with your website and other real world efforts, and benefits will be even greater.

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