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GoDaddy: Sexy Spokesmodels or Savvy Social Media?

credit: New York Times, http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/12/a-grown-up-godaddy-hires-an-ad-agency/Sexy pouts and skimpy tank tops definately help sell domain registrations and website hosting - but that's not all GoDaddy is up to lately.

The Phoenix-based company is taking the lead in Arizona's Social Madness competition, hosted by the Business Journal publisher. Designed to measure top social media growth strategies, this contest starts local and finalizes by announcing national winners.

The contest caught my attention, but didn't keep it long once I found out it was based on new "likes" and votes. It was clearly just another advertising and sponsorship sales ploy by the magazine. Boooooring.

What DID keep my attention was the Facebook page of the current leader in the "Large Companies" category - GoDaddy. Everyone knows their risque Super Bowl ads, so I headed over to their social media site to see if it was equally scandalous. I was prepared to be turned off, but ended up.... impressed.

Less Frat Boy, More College Grad

In keeping with their efforts to show a more professional appearance, Founder Bob Parsons says they are becoming "less frat boy, more college graduate..." It shows. No sign of cleavage, naked curves or even spokesmodels on their Facebook page.

What I did see was a very nice integration with their call center support staff, multiple employees posting, but keeping their individual identities by adding a name or initials at the end of each post, and great customer service with prompt replies and professionalism, even when customers get ugly.

Fun posts were interspersed with product news, tips and relevent information. Plus, even though GoDaddy runs a constant stream of discounts and coupons, the Facebook page was wonderfully light on promotion - keeping it social in nature.

Kudos, GoDaddy, keep up the improvements! I can't wait to see what is next, as your new ad agency takes over the reins. I'm jealous, and wish I were on that agency team!

My Two Cents Worth...

Now if you would just master Pinterest, which could be a VERY helpful addition to your marketing mix. Especially if you use it to recognize customers - maybe through a few contests recognizing great customer website design? It could be very fun and very viral, while remaining brand-centric!  It would integrate nicely with Facebook, too, if you invite customers to upload their screenshots and/or vote on favorites.



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