Good SEO Tips With A Twist

Shaun Hinklein Creative Director, Social Marvels

Posted on November 6th 2012

Good SEO Tips With A Twist
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It’s hard to find good SEO tips with all the crap that is out there. Well someone in their good seo search finally put together a list of some with a twist. It’s called GoodF+ckingSEO and it takes direct inspiration from other websites that have gracefully got their message across through intense design and a mighty big font.

Here is a the current list of SEO techniques they’re advocating and I’m definitely in agreement that the majority of these will guide you on the right path. The only thing that this website is missing right now ( not so much missing but it would be awesome if it had) . .

How To Do These Good SEO Tips

Having good f–king anchor text is all well and good, but what about the dude who doesn’t even know what that means? We humbly request short descriptions. Granted if they are looking for good SEO tips in the first place we would figure they should know the basics, but you’ll get the people that want to learn more. And right now they’ll see this list and Google search what the hell it means.

Either way this website makes us happy for a number of reasons, but the first is definitely that someone is looking at this space in a light way. There are too many websites out there (kind of like this one – self burn!) that get kind of monotonous. Even if it was just for an initial shock, GoodF–kingSEO did its job in making the veterans smile and the newcomers care more.


Shaun Hinklein

Creative Director, Social Marvels

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Posted on November 6th 2012 at 3:25PM

This might have been a good article and the tips might have been good but they were lost in the over use of the F word. To me, it appears that the author was more into using the F word then making sure he got his point across.