Google Begins April Fools Early This Year: Promotes "Google Nose"

Posted on April 1st 2013

Google Begins April Fools Early This Year: Promotes "Google Nose"

google april foolsAlways the April Fools pranksters (remember last year's self-driven NASCAR car announcement?), Google is once again partaking in the age-old practice of trying to dupe people on April 1 into believing the unbelievable.

This year, Google is getting the April Fools hilarity started a bit early with their announcement of "Google Nose" earlier tonight.

Supposedly, Google Nose is a new search feature for smells. I will hand it to Google, they went all out on this one. They added Google Nose as an option on their search page. They even doctored up some sample Google Nose search results and allow you to try to smell the results.

Here is a little promo video they created for Nose:

This is the best way for Google to reinforce their fun company personae. The prank is not believable enough for the entire world to freak out, but developed well enough to get a few people clicking through to figure out what the heck is going on.

Bravo Google. Another well-played April Fools prank.


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