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Google+ Misconceptions: Why You Should Give Google+ a Try

google+Misconceptions about Google+ could prevent people from taking advantage of a social networking platform that offers unique features and benefits. If you give up on Google+ before you give it a chance, you have probably fallen victim to these four common misconceptions.

Google+ is too difficult for the average person to use. 

Google+ has a lot of advanced features that give it a steeper learning curve than most social media sites. But that doesn't mean it's for tech geeks only. Anyone can learn how to use Google+ within minutes.

If you have a hard time understanding how Google+ works, then you can turn to the countless video lessons online. Many of them offer step-by-step directions that make Google+ easy for anyone.

Google+ is just a slightly different form of Facebook.

Google+ and Facebook have a lot in common, but they also have a lot of differences. Some of the biggest differences include:

  • How you interact with people.

On Google+, you can decide to share information with certain circles of friends and colleagues. A message that goes out to your buddies about tonight's party doesn't go to your boss, too.

  • Chatting features

Google+ allows video chat. Facebook also has a text chatting feature. Google+ also allows group chats whereas Facebook takes a one-on-one approach.

  • Filtering and finding content

Google+ has a feature called "sparks" that will display updates on topics that interest you. Facebook gives you a steady stream of information from your friends, but it doesn't filter information in any meaningful way.

Google+ was dead before it started.

Google+ isn't the first social networking site that Google tried to create. Remember Google Buzz? It didn't even last a full year.

Google's unsuccessful history with social media sites caused a lot of people to proclaim Google+ dead before it even got started. That's worse than a misconception. It's uninformed and unfair.

The truth is that Google+ is thriving. As of January, Google+ had over 343 million active accounts, making it the second-most popular social media site in the world (sorry, Twitter). That's nowhere near Facebook's 693 million active users, but it shows tremendous growth since its release less than a year ago. Google Plus for business continues to be a powerful traffic generator.

Google+ just doesn't matter.

Chances are that Google+ has already changed the way that you use the Internet, even if you don't have an account. What else would you expect from a successful social media platform operated by one of the world's most successful tech companies?

Let's put it this way: if you use the Google search engine, then you use Google+. When you search for a restaurant, and the results page gives you a picture of the restaurant, its location on Google Maps, where you can find a menu, and reviews, that's Google+ at work.

Google+ is also reshaping the way that websites get ranked. Bloggers with Google+ accounts can create bios that help them establish authority. The more authority they have, the higher their content gets ranked.

Do you have any questions about Google+? Ask away. Someone will have an honest answer for you!

(image: Google+ confusion / shutterstock)

Join The Conversation

  • Aaron Mackel's picture
    May 17 Posted 4 years ago Aaron Mackel

    I've always found Google+ to be a great social media tool. To me it is a community of people who want to learn and share regardless if they actually know the people they are interacting with. 

  • Zuri Ward's picture
    Apr 28 Posted 4 years ago Zuri Ward

    Google+ is a commonly overlooked social network. I’ve been charged with managing the social media for my company and I have noticed that not many people have taken to using Google+. I enjoy the ability to mark myself as an author for some of the blogs I write for and the clean design of the network. However, I will admit that I get discouraged when it comes to generating engagement. While many people in my network have Google accounts, very few see the value in this particular social network.

  • Apr 13 Posted 4 years ago Mark Vang

    Timothy, thanks for that post and the other great links. Lately I've become a bit frustrated with the direction LinkedIn is heading and I've been encouraging folks to take another look at G+ and have even suggested they consider Google Communities as an alternative to LinkedIn groups.

    While I certainly don't advocate a complete withdrawal from LinkedIn, I don't think it's wise for any company or individual to keep all of their eggs in one basket.

    I think one of the first aspects of G+ that must be mastered is the use of circles to sort contacts. There are some real advantages to this unique system for targeting posts to specific contact groups.

    Circles also help control the incoming tide of information. New G+ users often feel overwhelmed by the information chaos after they begin to follow others, and using circles can slice that raging torrent into quiet streams.

    I've created a LinkedIn ex-pat group on G+ and have shared the link to this article there. I think it will be very helpful.

    Thanks again.

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