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Google+ Offering Christmas Gifts to Android and iOS Users this December

Call it a Christmas Gift or a gift for the New Year 2013, Google+ gave every Android and iPhone user more than a single reason to smile. On 14th December , Google+ Vice President of Engineering, Dave Besbris revealed a gamut of features for social network’s mobile users.

The launch of new Android (v3.3) and iOS (v4.0) apps is quite a tempting give away that you can wrap in one holiday package. Whether you are a Christmas party planner, an Android or iPhone addict or a broadcaster (newbie), the sharing and communication could not be any better for you than this. This proves once again that Google+ is always committed to build an industry-leading mobile experience.

So, what are the gifts Google+ (call it a Santa Clause.... just kidding) has got for you?

Amazing photo experiences like never before:

Android users now can upload photos of any size, any resolution to the social network. Previously Google used to crunch and resize the photos to fit within a certain resolution and thus saved space. Now Google+ users can upload images upto 5 GB of space. This means you can take full-size backups of your photos, in addition to unlimited free storage at 2048 px (standard size). You can just turn on the instant upload option and save pictures to a private album on Google+.

There is another good news for Android 4.2 users. They can create 360 degree panoramas as Google+ brings photosphere to the mobile stream.

iPhone users too have reasons to celebrate. Dave Besbris in a  blog post on Google+ project said “On iOS, our new version lets you swipe through photo albums inline; you can tap once to view photos in all their glory; and the iPhone app now applies a subtle pan-zoom-scale effect to pictures in the stream.”

Mobile experiences like never before:

Google+ added a bunch of new features for Android users. You can edit your profile on-the-go, get frequent notifications as and when there is a new stuff to read and do more. You can also subscribe mobile notifications from your G+ circles and communicate with Google+ friends on your tablet  and phone.

Inviting friends/organising an event like never before:

Festives and celebrations are on the head and this is the perfect time for office parties. It is a busy hour and who don’t like to make event planning dramas a bit easier. Now Google allows you to send invitation to guests through Google+  Events feature. You can also copy the URL of your event and send it through email or IM. Your guests too can RSVP (a French phrase that means ‘Please Reply’) to you mentioning the number of people they are bringing to your event. This means there is no room for excuses for your unexpected guests. Isn’t it really good, something that you missed till date?

Now, what will happen to those friends who cannot attend the party in person? Well, we all know that Google+ hangouts provides you a free and convenient way to get in touch with friends. So, it is the best way for them (who could not attend) to compensate.

However,now they have got more reasons to rejoice! Now you can connect with friends from even parts of the world where bandwidth is extremely low. Once you are logged in, it is just 150 kbps of bandwidth you require to carry out a hangout.

Broadcasting experience has also got better. Now even if you are a single participant broadcasting a music track, Google+ hangouts will  hide  the filmstrip of faces and  will expand your video to fill the entire space. 

 What more you could expect from your favourite Google+ in this Christmas?

Let us summarise what compels you to share this post among your friends using Android or iOS. I am sure you would like your friend’s to experience the same, because now with an android phone or an iPhone you can -

  • Set reminder’s for your friend’s birthday in Google Now
  • Join your favourite Google+ communities
  • Search for new or suggested communities
  • Author your content in Google+ circles (compose)
  • Lock screen widget
  • Apply photospheres in the stream
  • Receive notifications for any new post in your circle
  • Change the menu of moods and share your mood with others
  • Update conversation cards
  • Swipe through photo albums inline
  • Duplicate an event
  • Send message s to specific guests
  • RSVP with the number of guests you are bringing
  • Start hangouts in extreme low bandwidth mode
  • Broadcast a music even if you are the single participant

-      a bunch of activities that keeps you smiling and get going.

Now, don’t you think this Christmas is far sweeter than you had last time? Say, ‘hi’ to Google+ and get connected to your friends in this festive season.

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