Google Plus versus Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marc Meyer Digital and Social Strategist, DRMG

Posted on September 5th 2013

Google Plus versus Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s hard to actually write that in the title. Is it possible that G+ could actually compete with Facebook? Check out this infographic from Social Annex, what do you think?



Marc Meyer

Digital and Social Strategist, DRMG

Currently Marc is working with Accenture to raise awareness and drive engagement of the Accenture Interactive practice. Prior to that Marc was the social media practice lead at Ernst and Young, one of the world’s leading professional services organizations. Before joining E &Y, Marc was the Digital and Social Media lead for 2 years at Digital Response Marketing Group, a social media and search marketing agency in Naples, Florida. Previously, Marc had been consulting for the Direct Response Marketing company, Emerson Direct, for almost 7 years. At various times he had served as their Director of Internet Marketing and their Director of Social Media. In both roles, Marc was able to leverage his experience in marketing, sales and technology to a degree in which companies actually did not “glaze over” and just nod their heads when he suggested a new approach to creating digital content, a different social media strategy or a simple SEO tactic

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Posted on September 5th 2013 at 7:44AM

Very well exhibited infographic! As a Social Media Network it is defintiely a battle, but on the other hand both of them provide totally different features & has their own benefits. In terms of business I think both are on completely different level.

Posted on September 5th 2013 at 9:34AM

Not a good infographic. If you handed this to someone that didn't know the correstponding colours of Facebook/G+ they would have no idea.

Posted on September 5th 2013 at 6:16PM


Posted on September 5th 2013 at 10:16AM

I am suprised that people have not left Facebook and Google Plus in droves after the NSA debacle, maybe they just do not care about their privacy. I wonder if they realise just how much of their data is up for sale. I joined up with a social media site called Zurker and I think one day it will surpass the big ones. This is a social media site with some very unique differences.

Posted on September 7th 2013 at 8:15AM

In India Facebook is King! Google still not famous because..youth like facebook :) Before knowing what is social media. Student like to open a facebook account before getting admission to collegue or school. Because facebook is famous.

But google is famous in India as far as search engine. Infact people in India have replace the word "search" with the google. If anyone need to search anything.. We say bro just google it :)


Tony V
Posted on October 1st 2013 at 6:25PM

Just  little update on the top brands, accord to Cnet in 09-30-2013 Apple bumps Coca-Cola to become world's top brand.