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Google+ Rolls Out Major New Visual Updates

Google has started to roll out some major new visual improvements to Google+ profiles and pages. The new update makes cover photos much larger than before, giving you the chance to make your featured image or message really stand out! According to Sara McKinley of Google:

"We spend lots of time listening to your feedback, and today we're launching some profile and page updates that you've been asking for... Everything's rolling out gradually, so check back soon if you don't see it yet. Once it’s live (at, let us know your thoughts in the comments!"

google+ cover photoThe new updates include:

Bigger Cover Photos

Cover photos just got a whole lot bigger with a better aspect ratio than before (up to 2120px by 1192px), and they display in 16x9 when fully expanded. This allows more images to be used as cover photos, and there’s now a ton of real-estate for your selection to shine (like this stunning example picture of Seattle above, "Painted by Light" by Dave Morrow). But it's maybe using a little too much space in my opinion, as you have to scroll pretty far now to reach your posts, but I do like the attempt at making the site more visual.

New Tab for your Local Reviews

Google also added a new tab for your Local Reviews. In addition to keeping track of your photos, +1's and YouTube videos, there's now a place for all your Local Reviews to be stored too. You can highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely if you want via the settings.  

Easier Way to Edit Your Info

Editing your info just got a whole lot easier too. The 'About' tab now consists of separate cards of information including your Story, Places, Education, Basic Information, Links and more. Each block has its own prominent edit link, where as before, you can choose to share your information publicly, with specific circles or just keep them private to yourself.   google plus visual updates

So have you seen these new visual changes on Google+ yet? What are your thoughts?  

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  • Toby Crabtree's picture
    Mar 7 Posted 4 years ago Toby Crabtree It is nice!! This new layout makes finding the images that you are searching for even easier. Now The the images you get well organized.
  • Kent Ong's picture
    Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Daniel, just tried the big photo, great way to show what we can do now with that big picture.

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