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Google+: Why Bloggers Need It So Badly

Most bloggers simply have no idea what Google+ is all about. They assume that the only social networks they truly need to promote their blogs are Twitter and Facebook. However, this is extremely far from being true. Bloggers can gain more exposure using Google+ than any other social network.

Interactive Online Communities

Google+ has quickly grown to become a thriving online community of responsive interactive members. Bloggers can quickly build numerous connections in just a matter of months using Google+. These like-minded individuals are added to what Google calls “Circles.” What are circles? In essence, they’re the same as Facebook “friends.”

Adding someone to your circle means that you currently follow that person on Google+. Their posts will show up in your stream, just as your “friends” post show up in your Facebook timeline. Blogging consistently, posting original content, and sharing the content of others help to increase your online visibility and popularity. This also requires “liking” the content of others, which is actually called “+1” within the Google+ social network. Just as Facebook Likes increase your content’s exposure, so do +1′s in Google+.


Google+ Helps Build Relationships

Savvy bloggers will tell you that Google+ is far from average when it comes to social networking. Bloggers use it to interact with their target audiences, start relevant, interesting online conversations and build quality blogging relationships.

Many bloggers say that it consolidates the best qualities of Twitter and Facebook, while including exclusive features that only Google provides. Just like these two very popular social media platforms, Google+ favors visual media. However, long posts are encouraged because they’re informative for readers and they facilitate conversations.

Your stream (timeline) continuously updates, allowing keyword searches by users. You’re able to see what topics are trending in Google+.  Unlike Twitter, there are no limits to the amount of characters your posts can have. In essence, it’s a place where bloggers can connect online and share content, while building communities that are based on common interests.


Your Google+ Profile

Once you create your Google+ profile, it becomes your verified profile across all Google’s platforms. This helps to grow your audience, also called your circles. Every time you share content with your circles, your online visibility and influence increases. And, because all of your content is linked to your profile, online users can easily locate more of your content.

Google+ allows you to link all of your Blogger content, other blogs and any other content using your Google+ name and email address as the author.


Authorship Popularity

Google+ allows you to publicly associate all of your blogs and content with your common name. Google recommends using your real first and last name. You can also add your nickname, or use your first or last initial.

For those who choose to link their blogs to their common names, this increases that name’s online exposure. Why? Because all of the content you publish on your blog will then be linked to your common name. The more content you publish, the more authority your common name will gain online, which will help you gain authority in the blogging community.


The Benefits of +1

When you see something on Facebook that you enjoy or care about, you simply “like” it to let others know how you feel. When it comes to Twitter, users “Re-tweet” content they like. Well, Google+ has the same feature, except it’s called “+1” within this social network.

If readers want to +1 your blog content, all they need is a Google+ profiles their own. However, anyone who views the content can quickly see how many times readers have given it a +1. Also, the Google+ profile image and common name will appear each time the user gives a +1 to one of your blog posts.


Google+ Comments

Google+ integrates your blog comments across the board. The following comments are brought together in a single location right beneath your blog posts:

• Comments left by users on Blogger blog posts
• Comments left by users on any content you’ve personally shared on Google+
• Any published content shared on Google+ that also links to any of your blog posts


Google+ Comments Features

There are some very distinct features that separate Google+ comments from traditional comments:

• As a Google+ user, anytime you leave a comment on someone’s blog, you’ll have the option of also sharing your comment on the Google+ social network.
• When your blog posts are also linked to Google+ posts, those G+ posts will appear within the post’s comments area.
• If a user posts a comment on a blog post shared in Google+, comment replies will also be visible within Google+.
• Google+ will send you, the author, a notification each time readers share or comment on any of your blog posts.


Join The Conversation

  • Nov 23 Posted 3 years ago Nicky Jameson

    I would have liked to see some examples to illustrate the points you made in your article. I think this would give G+ skeptics more to consider. Sometimes when I read articles like this I find myself asking if the writers are actually regularly active on G+ and how they are active... e.g what's their own experience of G+. I happen active on G+ with a focus on Photography and while I really enjoy it and the community I know many still struggle with exactly what Authorship means as per G+ and how it can help them. Also, G+ tends to like everything to be posted to G+. It is indeed a very visual medium, which is good for photographers and visual media. But it puts little weight on links (read link referrals) in my expericenc which means traffic to sites outside G+ is ranked much lower than it could be. I think this is perhaps why businesses have been very slow to adopt G+ (that and the fact that G+ does a poor job of highlighting the benefits of being on G+ for businesses).Most people I talk to have no interest in G+ and I think with a bit more outreach, G+ could make people see it's more than just collecting masses of followers, or something they've been forced to adopt because they have an adroid phone.

    I've been comparing my referrral traffic from my G+ to my website of both Facebook and G+ and to my shock (because I was hoping it would be otherwise), referral traffic to G+ was a lot lower. But activity on G+ itself is much higher than that on my Facebook page. The other thing on G+ is that commenting is more highly ranked than plussing (it takes more effort so that's probably as it should be). On G+ it is important not only to be active but to be consistently, regularly active and accept that it takes time to see results. As a blogger I still think it has many benefits, but it does still have a long way to go in convincing people... and Facebook is never standing still.

  • Jul 18 Posted 3 years ago judywrippe

    Tory explained this to me the other day. I could not believe she made $4500 in one month working online an home on the internet. Did you check out the website? It's actually legit. Send me a MSG. Or check out the site...

  • Kayleigh Brindley's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 3 years ago Kayleigh Brindley

    I only found out about the Google+ authorship through a client who was kind enough to suggest it as a way to promote my articles and I thank him everyday!!

    The Google+ authorship tool is simply fantastic and gives writers a new way of establishing their identity.

  • Jul 15 Posted 3 years ago chrislentzy

    All true but I still can't get excited about Goggle+

    ..and I'm a blogger at

    I've linked my blog to my common name. 

    But how can we measure  Authorship Popularity?

  • Socialbarrel's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 3 years ago Socialbarrel

    Thanks for your thoughts, and Warren yes I totally agree Google Authorship is a huge factor with Google+ for bloggers. Android is growing and with every android comes Google and Google+. 

  • Warren Whitlock's picture
    Jul 13 Posted 3 years ago Warren Whitlock

    Thanks for the post. Good ideas, but I'd emphasize Authorship even more.

    Click through rates on SERP items that show and authorship photo is higher today. this will become even more important than as Google gives more empasis to social graphs in creating an individual experience for their users

  • modigagan's picture
    Jul 9 Posted 3 years ago modigagan

    True, Google Plus is driving through webmasters by giving them benefits like Authorship photo in Search Engines and also the add on comment feature.

  • ErinRichardsKunkel's picture
    Jul 8 Posted 3 years ago ErinRichardsKunkel

    Some great information here, I think that Google+ often gets overlooked but it has some good benefits. I will be using these points as well.

  • Jul 8 Posted 3 years ago loktej

    Thanks for the good article. You correct, even I was not ignoring G+ and not considering it as a prime social media tool. We forget that at last most of traffic we get on our blogs is from Google it self and as Google owns G+, how much weight it may have in providing some juice!

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