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The Great Thing About Online Marketing Nowadays

I'm in the process of launching a new high quality link building service and it recently struck me how many online marketing methods we have at our disposal to promote, network and advertise ourselves. I compare it to a tree because you have all these different branches (symbolizing the marketing methods) that all add up to a nice full tree (symbolizing a complete Internet Marketing strategy). I figured it would make for a really interesting article to talk about what I'm currently doing and then hopefully you can share and leave your experiences in the comments section below and we can brainstorm together.

The great thing about online marketing nowadays is that there's so many ways to reach and connect with your target audience in order to build up your brand, website traffic and sales.  So here are the things I'm doing on a somewhat daily basis and I think they all work together in a synergistic way. Hopefully it will give you some good ideas for your own online marketing efforts.

Online press releases

Press releases are really effective right now if you do it right. If you use a service like PRleap, you'll get your press release syndicated to Yahoo News, Google News, TV station websites and other authoritative sites. So not only are you getting a selection of great backlinks for your site, but you're also getting some traffic and exposure for your business.


Fresh content is king, especially now. With every new page you add to your website, it's another way for someone to find your website. I think of every new page as a new doorway to my website. It goes without saying, but helpful content is really important because you want visitors to stick around. Blogging also gives you the ability to do some internal linking which is an under utilized SEO link building technique.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is for increasing organic traffic to your website and it's something I do for all my websites. It comes down to picking the right keywords to guide my optimization and content creation, tweaking my content and meta tags, and monthly link building. Blogging plays a role here too as does social media now. It's all aimed at increasing my website's visibility in the search engines. Not just in Google, but in Bing and Yahoo too.

Paid Search

I used to do a lot of paid search back when I was waist deep in affiliate marketing. With the current assault on SEO, I'm starting to experiment with it again. Now I'm not saying SEO is dead because it's definitely not. It just appears that it's making more and more sense to compliment SEO with paid search. And if my paid search efforts result in positive return on investment, than it's 100% worth it. At the very least, it's never a bad thing to be more well-rounded with your Internet Marketing skills.

Social Media

Social media is awesome for two reasons. First, it's can help with building your brand and generating traffic to your website. And second, it's now pretty clear that your website being shared throughout the big boys like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ can help your SEO efforts. I guess these two benefits are similar to online press release, but the differentiating point of social media is the enormous number of people that these social media platforms give you access to. In fact, networking is another benefit of social media. I'm a huge fan of using Twitter to both discover new content and network with other people in my niche.


If you find the right forum with active users, it can be a great way to network with other people in your industry and build your brand at the same time. And most forums let you add a link to your signature so you can get some SEO juice and traffic as a result of your conversations too. The key is picking the right forum. I like to find the forum with the most traffic and active users and concentrate on that one because it's hard to have multiple irons in the fire and still interact enough to be effective (for me at least).

Blog Comments

Blog commenting has gotten such a bad reputation because of all the crappy software out there that blasts blogs with "Thank you for your blog. It is the best blog. I will visit soon." and other useless spammy comments. The blog commenting I'm talking about is seeking blogs in your niche and leaving thoughtful comments that respond to the content and add value. Blog commenting helps you build up your link popularity with nofollow links which help naturalize your backlink profile. If you focus too much on dofollow links, it starts to create an unnatural backlink profile for your website which is something you want to avoid. Blog commenting also helps you network with blog owners in your niche.

Guest Blog Posting

Guest blog posting is the craze right now and an example is this article you're reading right now. I'm providing unique content in exchange for a backlink to my website and some exposure for my company and brand. If done right, I think this has huge potential as a marketing method, but the downside obviously is that it takes a lot of time and effort. But if it produces great results for me, I'll do it again and again.

So this is currently what I'm doing and writing it all out reminds me how lucky we are to have all these marketing methods at our disposal. And it seems like new companies are popping up all the time (like Pinterest) that give us one additional way to promote ourselves to our target audience. How are you advertising your business? What's working well for you? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  • WPamplify's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago AuthorityBuzz

    Yes, you are right. With all the options, the tree can be pretty big. Focusing on the "branches" that are producing the most results is a smart strategy. I guess it's the 80/20 rule.

  • CreteTweet's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago CreteTweet

    I like your analogy to a tree Ryan.  The branches are full right now & seem to take more & more of our time.  We just need to focus on what's working.

  • WPamplify's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago AuthorityBuzz

    That's a great point Kent, thanks for sharing!


  • Kent Ong's picture
    Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    The great think about online marketing nowadays is - we can build genuine relationship even with great distance. :)

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