Guide to Building Personas: How to Understand and Meet User Needs

Posted on August 23rd 2012

Guide to Building Personas: How to Understand and Meet User Needs

guide to creating personas

They may evoke memories of advertising practices based on old-fashioned stereotypes dating back to as early as the 1910s but brand personas are now actually more important than ever as business goes digital.

In the digital world, where traditional megaphone-style advertising is generally losing its effectiveness, creating an archetype of a prospective client is becoming critical for companies who wish to provide a relevant, bespoke and truly personalised user journey. Persona development is the necessary first step in the move towards a client-centric, inbound marketing approach.

A business or a brand has to speak directly to its target audience, addressing users’ issues, pains and challenges. This means delving deep into the fabric of your target audience and putting yourself in your persona’s shoes before you even begin to map out the customer journey.

Check out this infographic, created by Linchpin SEO – an excellent visual guide to persona creation.

guide to personas
Guide To Personas Infographic by Linchpin Web Design

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