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Halloween Facebook Marketing Ideas [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Halloween fast approaching, marketers are looking for ways to “Halloween-i-fy” their efforts on social media. Did you know that 30 percent more people enter promotion campaigns during Halloween? That’s why we have here today an infographic that presents Halloween ideas for Facebook marketing.

The infographic presents two general ideas for Halloween promotions: Contests and Sweepstakes.

Halloween Facebook marketing

Under contests, which the infographic defines as “skill-based promotions where entrants upload” their creations for the community to vote on, we have photo contests, video contests and essay contests.

For photo contests, take advantage of the fact that 70 percent of people in the US aged 18 to 24 and 65 percent of people aged 25 to 35 plan on putting on a costume for Halloween.

One idea is to have a costume photo contests where entrants dress up in their fancy clothes and submit their shots to your Facebook Page.

As the infographic notes, this is also perfect for post-Halloween as it will give people a laugh to see their silly costumes after the holiday is over.

Another idea is to have a pumpkin beauty contest since almost half (47 percent) carve pumpkins during Halloween.

As a trivia, the infographic says that the first carved pumpkin lantern associated with Halloween was recorded in 1866.

Another photo contest idea is to have a pet photo contest as 1 in 5 people dress up their pets during Halloween. Top costumes for pets during the holiday include pumpkin, devil, hot dog, cat and bee. This idea would be perfect for pet stores or any business or organization related to pets.

Now we move on to ideas for video contests.

The first video contest idea involves people screaming, but hopefully not in a bad way. Hold a screaming contest where participants upload a video of them screaming hoping to get the vote of viewers.

“The engagement is guaranteed for both the screamer and the viewer!” the infographic notes. “The scariest wins.”

Another idea for Halloween video contests is to hold a story video contest.

“User upload their short frightening videos,” the infographic notes. This is very advantageous since very engaging user content is generated by holding such a contest.

Next we move on to essay contests.

For essay contests, the first idea is to have a recipe contest. Do this by getting entrants to upload their recipe illustrated with photos. This is perfect to crowdsource content, the infographic says, if you want to make a recipe book.

Another idea is to conduct a short story contest where people write stories about anything scary.

The next set of ideas is about sweepstakes.

These are “chance-based promotions” which are “perfect for lead generation,” the infographic notes. “Fans enter by submitting personal details, opting into your newsletter,” and the like.  Other conditions to enter may be to complete a survey, to answer a quiz or just to share details to get an entry in a draw.

Think of ways to increase engagement by getting people to spread the word in exchange for more entries.

Just be sure to have great prizes at stake to entice people to join your sweepstakes. Prize ideas include your product’s Halloween edition, Halloween party tickets, a scary book, a ticket to a movie or concert, and the like.

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Infographic from Antavo.

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  • Oct 27 Posted 3 years ago Megan Bryja

    These are some really great ideas for businesses to take advantage of the Halloween season to increase their audience engagement on Facebook! The screaming contest was by far the most original and creative idea. That would be very interesting to watch! I think that users would get very involved in these contest ideas, which would create an extensive amount of user generated content for that company page. A great way to create compelling and interesting content that users will respond and engage with.

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