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Has Facebook Lost Its Way?

The news everyone seems to be talking about these days is the Facebook IPO. How much is Facebook worth? How much will Facebook’s IPO make the company? These are questions being asked when we should really be wondering how Facebook will grow in the future to make the world more connected.

Facebook was created so that you and your friends could stay connected more easily than ever before. Now Facebook seems to be veering from keeping people connected and more worried about how it can make more money. Facebook recently hosted a live stream of the classic movie Casablanca. This is the direction Facebook should continue moving in the future. What innovative ways can technology be used to keep people who aren’t sitting next to each other feeling like they are not far apart?

“We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services”

–      Mark Zuckerberg

Social media marketing and brand pages are becoming more and more a part of your Facebook news feed, which is fine because you choose which pages to “like” and aren’t forced to see the message these pages send out. However, it shouldn’t be the focus of Facebook to make things easier to use for brands, Zuck and the rest of his team should be focusing on how to make the experience better for the normal everyday user.

So has Facebook lost its way? I don’t think so, but Facebook is certainly walking a fine line. I find more and more people are becoming disenfranchised with the social media behemoth and some of my friends have turned their backs on the platform entirely. I work with social media every day so I appreciate that Facebook ads and brand pages are being expanded, but I also use Facebook for personal use and I find myself actually using it less than I used to. Is this because of the changes being made? I don’t know, but I do know one thing: Zuckerberg can’t forget about the little people.

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  • May 20 Posted 5 years ago Syndicated Media Timeline works for brands, but not for personal profiles. Should have left it the same for personal and applied Timeline to brands only.

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