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Has Pinterest Become a Getaway from Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are a big part of people’s everyday lives, almost to the point of routine. Wake up, pour coffee, check email, check Facebook. Tweet about breakfast, your commute and every topic under the sun – from merchant credit card processors for gas stations to automotive lift repair. Rinse and repeat.

When Pinterest came on the scene, we all jumped quickly onboard. The virtual pinboard is so different from Facebook and Twitter, the welcome change is almost like a vacation.  

Relaxing on remote beach

Image: ©iStockphoto.com/dstephens

The hot spot to be

While Facebook and Twitter are serving up the same daily specials, Pinterest is the hot new restaurant in town that keeps getting rave reviews, where everyone wants to be and be seen. You even have to make a reservation in the form of an invite request, although an invite may be easier to come by than a table for eight at peak hours.

Shut up, already

Just as we all like to turn off our cell phones while on vacation, it’s also nice to get away from the mindless chatter, small talk and endless complaints from Twitter and Facebook. There’s no talking on Pinterest – short descriptions and minimal comments make for a purely visual page, one that you can continually scroll with one hand while you sip wine with the other.

Space out a little

With Pinterest, there’s very little thinking involved. People pin and repin posts based on emotion and reaction to visual images. Does that photo of a puppy make you happy? Pin it! Do you want to try that recipe for turkey burgers? Pin it! With the Pin It bookmarklet, the only work involved is a click of the mouse and typing the description “Yum!”

Inspiration vs. news

There’s no denying that Twitter and Facebook have become valuable sources for getting the most up-to-date news as it happens. But sometimes, getting away from real-world news can be a welcome escape. Pinterest focuses on inspiration and hobbies – users pin recipes they want to try, crafts they want to make, places they want to travel to. It’s a place to dream of what could be, rather than reading about what really is. 

A breath of fresh air

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in status updates, links, apps, invites, comments, privacy changes, design changes, follower requests, direct messages, retweets, mentions, tags, likes, etc., etc., etc.? Pinterest keeps it simple, which can certainly be a breath of fresh air when other social media sites have you feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, Pinterest is still new, and it likely won’t be long until the novelty wears off and the constant stream of infographics, food porn and images of bright, white kitchens starts getting old, as well. I wonder what happens then – will pinning become just as routine as sending a tweet?



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