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Have You "Followed" On Facebook?

Not too long ago I wrote about Twitter taking a page from Facebook with the new "Twitter Header."  But it seems that the sharing of good ideas goes both ways. Today I went to look at my favorite MarketMeSuite CTO's facebook profile to find out that the "Subscriber" section is now named "Followers." 

This is more than just wording though.  Facebook has launched a whole initiative around this.  

How To Turn On Follow

There are two ways. The first is go to any friend's page and click on Followers. At the top of the page Facebook will ask you if you want Followers of your own:

Or, you can go directly to

From here, you can configure your privacy settings:

You will now see "Followers" on your Facebook profile page. (As you can see I have no followers yet having just turned it on, so feel free to follow me!)

Improved Privacy

Although at first glance Follow could seem like it's removing more of the "Friend to Friend" privacy that we often associate with Facebook, the settings are actually moving to help stop those unwanted random friend requests.  You can set your follow so that only friends of friends can ever send you a friend request.  If not, they can only follow you, which means they only see content that you have decided is public. You can set your post settings at the time of posting or in your universal privacy settings (which would apply to any device / application you post from).


A More Twitterized Facebook?

The motivation is unclear, but allowing Facebook users to maintain a public presence on a network that is mostly known for a more private web of friends and acquaintances certainly feels more like Twitter. The question is, will people want to use Facebook in this way? Will bloggers like myself be ending posts asking people to follow on Twitter (@Tammykfennell) and on Facebook ( --   I'd love your thoughts!  

Join The Conversation

  • MarketMeSuite's picture
    Feb 28 Posted 2 years ago MarketMeSuite

    @Liza  From what I can see, it's not for pages, just for personal profiles. You have to opt into it, see the above steps if you want to try it out!  Thanks for reading :)

  • Feb 28 Posted 2 years ago lizashaw

    Could it be they are only changing a select few, my personal profile and my page have not changed, still likes and liking

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