Head Up Your Twitter Presence with this Fab New Feature

Bailey Mobley Account Manager , /excelamktg

Posted on September 21st 2012

Head Up Your Twitter Presence with this Fab New Feature

Great News Tweeps! Something very new has come to Twitter.

In the ever-changing world of social media, it is no surprise that many popular platforms (like Twitter) evolve on a regular basis.  As of Tuesday, the CEO of Twitter announced that a new feature will allow brands to upload a header photo to the profile page. In addition, the profile facelift includes a reorganized profile layout and cleaner, easy-to-navigate interface.

For this post, we will address the new header profile photo and how you can strategically use this feature to enhance your Twitter presence. We'll also walk you through the steps on how to upload your photo and give you tips on making the most of this fab new feature.

Twitter is a great tool for businesses and brands to communicate cohesive messages to consumers instantly. Utilizing Twitter to build a voice, connect with an audience and communicate with influencers are among key marketing components of this social network. In addition, Twitter is ideal for digital marketing and carrying a continuous conversation online that can translate across multiple social networks. By getting creative with a header photo, you can add even more personality to your brand’s overall voice and image.

Twitter currently allows users to pin, promote and sponsor certain tweets. The new layout provides a one-of-a-kind social experience that gives businesses the opportunity to become even more uniquely branded. The concept behind the new profile feature is simple: header photo customization is key to increasing engagement across devices and continue to drive business goals.

The Low Down: The header photo can be uploaded from a desktop or users can choose a default image provided by Twitter. Exact dimensions are 1252px X 626px for optimal viewing across all devices including the mobile and iPad.  

Get Started: 
Click “edit profile” and choose “design” in the account setting options. Scroll down to Customize Your Own and select “change header”. The header image will be the top image above your tweets and features the profile icon in the center followed by the “about me”. Take this opportunity to showcase your brand prominently to grab the attention of your profile page visitors.

Get Creative: We all know first impressions are everything, so choose a header photo that makes your Twitter profile stand out. With this new feature, the header is the first thing users will see when arriving to your page.  This would be a great fit for a recently launched product or service that you would like to promote.  The Twitter Header also allows you to incorporate an image that extends the centered profile icon avatar. Concept here is key and we recommend going with something with a bold, yet simple message. Consider using a photo with text or a call to action such as a #hashtag in order to encourage user engagement. We put the spotlight on our famed office pup, Meatball, for the /excelamktg header photo. 

Get Concise: 
Refrain from images that take away from your overall brand. We recommend trying a couple of design styles and choose the one that do not obnoxiously over advertise or distract users from the rest of your page. If you are implementing a call to action by using a #hashtag, try keeping the message clear. After all, you want your header to be an extension of your already awesome Twitter profile.  

Get with the Twitter Times and use this as an opportunity to get active on your social media.
Also, do not forget to spread the word about your new updated profile and even ask fans to weigh in on what they think.

Now, you’re ready to begin and take your Twitter page to the next level!



Bailey Mobley

Account Manager , /excelamktg

Bailey Mobley studied communication at the University of California, San Diego and is a true social medialite by nature and trade. She currently works as a digital marketing professional in Los Angeles and areas of expertise include: social media strategy, PR conceptualization, campaign implementation, content creation + management, and online community building. 

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