How to Become a Google Plus Wizard [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on April 11th 2014

How to Become a Google Plus Wizard [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a recent study conducted by Forrester, it was discovered that Google Plus is definitely worth including into the marketer's daily mix:

Brands’ Google Plus posts generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts — and almost twice as much engagement per follower as their Twitter posts.

Even for those who are "in the know" about the benefits of Plus, many have difficulty learning how to use Plus effectively.  In this instructographic, we discuss an overview of how to use Google Plus for marketing, including a daily recipe for Google Plus success.

A comprehensive guide to marketing on Google Plus is a good read alongside this infographic.

Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo

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Marcela De Vivo has been an internet marketer since 1998. Promoting websites and helping businesses grow is her passion. Her focus is on Social SEO and Content Marketing.

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Lori karl
Posted on April 12th 2014 at 12:50PM

I don't know, seems like google + is not really popular and most of their users are gmail users that automatically get a google+ account without really using it.. I prefer putting my efforts on FB, Twitter, and

Posted on April 15th 2014 at 8:35AM

I agree. I open my Google+ once in a day only compared to FB which almost every minutes.