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How To Blog Your Way To More Personal Brand Authority

BlogforauthorityGuess what?

If you aren't blogging on a regular basis, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. In the changing business environment that we live in, missing out on something could mean the difference in earning more money, attracting new clients, getting more speaking gigs, or even that promotion you've been hoping to get.

For many "soloprenuers" and small business owners, the life and death of your online reputation can rely on this very simple fact: You must be blogging.

We know that blogging increases the bottom line of a smaller businesses by increasing leads and sales, but what about your personal brand?

Why Is Blogging So Important For Your Professional Success?

This advice is true whether you're a consultant, a designer, an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, a therapist, a life coach, an author, a public speaker, or any other professional who's business depends on what YOU know. And let's be honest, in many cases, it isn't WHAT we know but WHO we know that really helps grow our businesses.

What you know and who you know -- both affect your personal brand. The best way to strengthen your personal brand is through a strong online presence backed by consistent blogging and social media.

For my professional life, blogging has been a key factor in growing my network and building my authority. With more authority comes more trust. And with more trust comes more clients. It's a simple equation.

How Does Blogging Impact Your Authority?

1. Blogging Puts Your Name Out There
It's all about the byline folks. Every time you blog, your name is attached. The more your name is out there, the more people will start to remember you.

2. Blogging Brands You As An Expert
When you blog about industry related topics, it shows you know what you're talking about. And because you took the time to write about it, it shows you are dedicated to educating the world around you. It demonstrates that you are capable of providing value.

3. Blogging Gets Other People Talking About You
If you're creating valuable content, people are going to share it, source it, and even link back to it. Talk about a nonstop referral chain!

4. Blogging Gets You Found Online
The more you blog, the more "places" you can be found. And you shouldn't limit yourself to a restricted list of "target keywords." Sometimes it's the things that you might not expect that people resonate with.

5. Blogging Gives You Something To Show Your Clients & Prospects
Have you ever needed that extra push to make the sale? By blogging, you can explain different topics from a different medium. You can show your expertise and look more official to your prospects.

6. Blogging Allows You To Answer Common Questions
I'm sure there are tons of questions you get day-after-day. Guess what? People are searching online for the answer. When you can answer their burning questions immediately, you earn instant trust.

7. Blogging Grows Your Network
This is a no-brainer. When you share your content, people will be looking to you for more content. Start blogging and watch your network grow!

8. Blogging Keeps Your Website Fresh
Google is very keen on showing results from websites that have fresh content. Blogging is the best way to keep your website constantly updated with new, timely content your customers and prospects will love.

9. Blogging Gives People A Reason To Revisit
There is nothing worse than losing a visitor because you haven't updated your blog. Keep the traffic coming to your website by blogging frequently and consistently.

10. Blogging Associates Your Name With Industry Trends
When someone thinks about your industry you want them to think about you. Consistent blogging allows you to blog about different topics and trends in the industry and keep your name relevant.

Sold on blogging?

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  • greykite's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 3 years ago greykite

    Hi Stephanie

    Interesting article - it was to-the-point and a timely reminder for me. I’ve been writing professionally for several years but have little published work under my own by-line; getting my own blog off the ground is a recent first step to reaching a wider audience.

    This week I also discovered first-hand that social-media magnification is no myth ... I shared my most recent post on LinkedIn and Twitter (where I have only a small number of followers) and accumulated nearly 200 views. This for a site that is typically lucky to attract even one visitor on a good day.


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