How To Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page
Danielle Leitch Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, MoreVisibility

Posted on October 1st 2013

How To Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page

One of the advantages of participating in social media with your brand is the opportunity to interact with your customer base and prospective customers. It’s a chance to build relationships, and further your brand. But how do you do this if no one is interacting with anything that you’re posting? Well, Facebook has created a few different tools and reports specifically designed to help you boost engagement on your page. Here’s a simple 3 step process for using those tools to create more engagement on your Facebook page.

1) Understand the types of posts your audience likes best

There are a few different types of posts you can include on your timeline; namely pictures, links, and text status updates. Knowing what types your audience likes to click on, share, and comment on is the first step to getting them engaged. Facebook has a report in the “Insights” tab of your admin interface designed to hand feed this data to you. You’ll see a screenshot of this data below. Once you know what types of updates your audience likes best you’ve got to…

2) Know when your audience is online

How are your fans supposed to click on, share, and comment on your updates if they don’t see it? You can post the most interesting content and eye catching photos to your page, but if your fans never see it, then there’s no way they’ll be able to interact with it.

Lucky for you Facebook has a great reporting tool for discovering when most of your fans are online. In fact, this info is on the same tab as the “Best Post Types” report, so it’s very easy to connect steps 1 and 2 quickly. Once you know the best post types, and when your audience is online, the rest is a piece of cake. Now, all you’ve got to do is…

3) Post engaging content when your audience is online

This seems simple enough based on the last 2 steps, but what if you can’t be in front of a computer when your fans are? Luckily Facebook’s got you covered here too. To complete this process, they’ve built in a tool that lets you schedule a post to be published to your timeline anytime, night or day. You’ll see it when you begin adding a new post to your wall. Instead of publishing immediately, it’ll be scheduled to post whenever you choose.

Implementing this easy 3 step process is guaranteed to help you increase user engagement on your page. Go try it out!

Danielle Leitch

Executive Vice President of Client Strategy, MoreVisibility

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Posted on October 1st 2013 at 11:16AM

Excellent article Danielle. You have shared an amazing information here by collecting 2 & 3 points from facebook insights. These tool are very important while measuring Facebook marketing success or ROI. Mostyl, I love these tools in new Facebook insights. Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts.

Cara Tarbaj
Posted on October 1st 2013 at 9:59PM

These are all essentials for knowing what and when to post. Great job for making such a simple step-by-step.  

Facebook Insights are great for determining the proper direction and performance if you know which parts to focus on. I find that a lot of the time people will focus on irrelevant insights, because they don't know which metrics to focus on and which ones to leave alone.

My colleague James wrote an awesome article detailing which metrics are best to leave behind and which are best to focus on. For example, when it comes to Facebook Ads, he suggests ignoring the CPC and CPM altogether, instead focus on the CPA. Feel free to check out the article here: 6 Facebook Metrics You Shouldn't Obsess Over.