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How British Model Cara Delevingne Is Taking Over Social Media

2013 was definitely a big year for Cara Delevingne; she was basically everywhere, and as Fashion Gone Rogue explains, "when the British model isn’t posing for pictures in fashion glossies, she is fronting campaigns for top brands like Fendi, Mulberry and Saint Laurent. Cara has also appeared on covers for top magazines including W, Vogue China, Vogue Japan and more".


Instagram of Cara Delevingne

As we've described before, she created "LOL Fashion", a mash-up between style and pop culture, which is extremely relevant when it comes to shaping ties with a broad audience: she's very identified, you feel that know what you're going to get when you follow her. She is an extremeley interesting case study for any brand who's trying to go "social."

Becoming the culture, then becoming the media

The young Brit was one of the very first models to understand the power of social media. She's not only a cute face, she's also a cultural engine with her own rituals, tone of voice, crews and mottos. When a girl like Miley Cyrus has to go further and further in provocation to trap the traditional media addiction to "buzz," the lovely Cara Delevingne leaves little by little cues of interests, sparks of creativity, cultural elements to her growing fan-base. She does not have to die for a buzz: she's at the very center of an organic attention among a wide diversity of stakeholders: media, of course, but also youngsters and the indie creative scene. She then becomes legitimate to talk about a lot of topics (hip hop, dance, fashion...)...while it's becoming legitimate to curate what Cara Delevingne has to say.

Translating her essence in every digital channel

Few years ago, PR teams would have forbidden a model to try to sing: too "confusing", too risky. In the case of Cara Delevingne, the phenomenon does not fear to try new ways of expressing herself. When she sang with Will Heard 'Sonnentanz', she did not pretend to be the next X-Factor: she just explores a new territory... and surprises both her followers but also brand new communities. In a time when you buy "talent" aka personality more than a cute face, it's good to tell the world that you're not just a coat rack.

Be daily

Many top celebrities aren't accessible at all. They're like mirages or wonders, spotted by strange paparazzis in strange islands. Cara Delevingne never hides: after a catwalk, the Topshop-generation follows her and take selfies, she's surrounded by an army of MoFa, mobile fans, and embedded journalists and editors. Does this proximity destroy her "bankability" or "premiumness?" Not at all. She just creates empathy, on a daily basis.

Social media mechanisms are dramatically changing: brands, you should listen at this new vox populi who mixes daily poetry without compromising her media power.

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  • hinakhan's picture
    Jan 3 Posted 3 years ago hinakhan

    mobile fans, and embedded journalists and editors.

  • ChuckCantrell's picture
    Jan 2 Posted 3 years ago ChuckCantrell

    I like the perspective and the point of view. It seems to me the corporations do the same but within their own context and relationship with consumers (at least most of my clients do.) However, her control of her persona in all the media is refreshing and I agree the right way and will be copied by others. She seems to be creating her personal brand on the fly. A very interesting piece.

  • Jan 2 Posted 3 years ago Adriana Flores ...

    Hi Laurent, I found your article so eye catching I've reported at my blog, I read your profile and youre content generation as your career it's very interesting and related to my blog topic. I just became your follower ;)

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